It's Time to Craft Some Armor!

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After spending our days toiling in the mines of Sokcho we've been able to earn enough gold to purchase our house!

Now that crafting is available from within our new home, we shall gather up the required materials needed to create an Iron suite of armor.

We can do better than the leather armor, but the steel armor is too rich for our blood at the moment, Iron should do the trick!

Iron Armor will require:

  • 10 x Iron
  • 10 x Leather
  • 5 x fabric

We're good for Iron for now, having spent a few days in the mines already. Leather we need, so it's off to the Flat lands of Daejeon to slay some Ox and harvest the leather. Once we've gathered enough leather we'll make a quick stop in to the Silk Worm farms of Yeongwol before we make our way home.

Wish us luck on this fair voyage, may we be ever so successful and return with many riches in hand!

Until next time...



I have enough for a house. Been working up some materials while killing enemies. Got my 6 mercs to level 3, been exploring and also collecting in the oilfields. Next week I will buy a house and start crafting now I know the house allows that. :D

Good luck and hopefully you get yours soon. :)