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This post is for my participation to @anomadsoul latest writing prompt. Woot woot! it's been a while since I wrote anything on here so bear with me if I tend to get too long or boring with this post. I guess it's time to flex my writing muscles again! haha

Talk about my past self before Steem Fest, and compare that self to post-self after Steem Fest.

First of all, let me tell you a bit of history about me, I first got into Steemit during 2017 and posted some stuff mostly about self-development and technology. It didn't take long though before I lost interest in blogging as I felt like it was not for me. (or maybe I'm just lazy lol).

What made me stick around though is the community as I always find the concept of having people from different parts of the world together in one place and getting to interact with them online very fascinating. Seeing that I wanted to contribute my part in any way to this awesome Steem community, I turned my focus on doing curating work for Curie as a curator which I find very rewarding to be able to help the newcomers get upvoted for their work and recognized.

And also since I'm a person who's into technology and stuff, I did a handful of steemhunt posts. I also stumbled upon the steemmonsters card game along the way which i really enjoyed and have invested some money into.

Okay, enough with the intro Andy! Just get with the program already! haha

I first heard about Steemfest 3 during 2018 which I planned to attend but due to budget constraints, I wasn't able to. When I heard that Steemfest 4 will be held in Thailand, I was stoked! Not only because it's near where I live (I'm from the Philippines by the way which is just a few hours flight away) but also because I've been meaning to find an excuse to travel alone.

Before Steemfest 4, my life has been pretty much boring and routine. I'm a person who has low self-esteem and I wanted to challenge myself: to get out of my comfort zone and change myself for the better. So I thought what better way to do it than to attend Steemfest by myself without knowing anyone right? haha

Even though the idea of going to a different country to mingle with strangers was scary at first, I know that that fear was just a product of my imagination. Looking back, I am happy and very proud of myself because not only did I enjoy my time there thoroughly, but I get to know a lot of new people and my confidence in talking with strangers has improved a lot! I got to know myself better and I am now more outgoing!

What I liked about Steemfest 4?

Do I have to state the obvious? Of course the whole shebang! From getting to meet new people to how well organized the event was. The venues and food were great and yes, that cruise dinner man! I really enjoyed that one, heck @travelgirl can attest to seeing me close my eyes, having a smile and just feeling the moment there haha

What I didn't like about Steemfest 4?

Hmm I've been thinking about this for 3 minutes straight now and I can't seem to find anything not to like about SF4. Oh wait! Maybe not enough Sangsom rum in the closing drinks because they ran out of it? haha just kidding!

Would you wish things would've been different? What would you have changed?
Nope. I like it just the way it was.

How is this all affecting your perspective of Steem in general?
My perspective has taken a 180 degree turn after SF4. Before, I was getting skeptical about the future of Steem. But after seeing all the updates and developments that are happening especially with Hivemind and SMTs, and knowing about how much the community cares so much about Steem and are here for the long-run has got me super optimistic about its future. I also love how the Steemit Inc team was there until the closing night, just goes to show much they care and value the community.

P.S. kudos to @roelandp and company for doing a wonderful job of organizing and handling the event.

Thanks to @anomadsoul for helping me get off my butt to make this post. This is actually my first post in like 4 months now. (as I said, I'm lazy) haha

To all my steemfest friends, I love you guys! It was fun meeting all of you and see you at the next one!

And to all those who haven't attend a steemfest event yet, I say go for the next one if you can! It's truly a one of a kind experience you won't forget!

Okay, I'm gonna end this post now and grab a beer to celebrate my first post in ages! lol! Ciao!


Sangsomsunday actually a tag now!! Woot woot! Pleasure meeting you @andywong31! Did spent a quality time together. I see you next steemfest?

haha it actually is a tag now! lol yeah see you on the next one Jo! :)

It's great to meet you, Andy.
Really a great time spent in Bangkok.
Beautiful memories.
See you next SF.

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nice to meet you too! yeah a lifetime memory to cherish forever! see you soon! :)

Hahaha @ closing the eyes. It was great to meet you, not just seeing on the steemmonsters discord :D

hehe yeah me too! love your accent so much!

Hahaha my Aussie accent? 😂😂

haha yup. aussie aussie aussie!

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I can relate with having low self-esteem and wanted to get out of the comfort zone! That was my aim when I signed up for Steemfest4. I'm so glad we both managed to do that and had fun along the way! Cheers 🍻

yeah we did! cheers! we should be proud of ourselves! hehe on to the next steemfest then! :)

360° or 180° turn? 😜

(because 360 is back to square one 🙈)

It's great to get to meet you in person!

Hope that we will all be able to make it next year

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oh shoot! i meant to say 180 degrees haha thanks for pointing that out! it was a pleasure to meet you too! hope to see you on the next one! :)

I agree, only negative I have is running out of Sangsom, lol.
Was great meeting you, man, I'm glad you made it. It is a life changing experience.

it was nice to meet you too man! it truly was a life changing experience indeed! well worth the money i should say. hope to see you on the next SF man! and steem on!

Saw this late! Glad to know SF4 was a way for you to get out of your comfort zone and solo travel. Solo travel is so much fun so you might do more of this. I haven't tried sangsom so I might try while I'm here in Thailand.

Hehe you should try it sometime. Btw you still in thailand right now?

I would have a chance to. I'm now in Pai and will stay here in Thailand until visa expires. :)

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