The road to Steemfest | Get to know other Steemians! - Week 2

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A few days ago I started a small dynamic where we would all be able to write about ourselves and our journey towards the Steem Fest 3 in Poland in early November.


The response was awesome and in the first compilation read about the road to Steem Fest of 14 people. This week we have 11 entries from 11 other Steemians. That means that 3 months before the biggest Steem event of the year, already 26 (counting me) Steemians are confirmed to attend - or are 90% certain they will attend. How cool is that?

The main idea of this dynamic is to get to know each other a bit more before meeting in person and then, when we actually meet it won't be awkward and we won't have weird silences but instead, it will be like two friends meeting after a long time of not seeing each other.

If you are almost certain you´ll be there or are making everything to attend, feel free to join this little dynamic.

So... What are you waiting for? Go read the posts from the very first group of people who are going to Steem Fest 3!


First of all, Rosanne is crying here because I was the worse and forgot to include her in the week 1 compilation... I´m sorry! It´s actually weird I forgot because when I read her post I was very emotional about it, you guys should go read it, it was great knowing so much about her :)

I'm more thinking about all the challenges that come with traveling towards Krakow and doing my rounds on SteemFest itself now than I'm being excited (or scared, lol) about... continue reading


I don't recognise the person I've become in just the last four weeks. Every other day, I get up early and hit the road around 7am. Without even thinking too much about it. I've not been willing to... continue reading


I was in Lisbon last year, even though I could hardly squeeze the fest in my travel schedule back then, I've met so many interesting Steemians and got so inspired. I'm glad most of them I still have contact until today. This year it should be... continue reading


I'm looking forward to a great Steemfest again and I'm always very excited about new developments of the Steemit ecosystem! My goal is becoming a full time Steemian and I'm thinking about living the digital nomad lifestyle in the future... Continue reading


I'll be going through more countries in Central and Eastern Europe over then next couple months. Why not end up in Poland in November? That reminds me, I have to book some accomodation for that. But I don't have to worry too much about... Continue reading


This should be an exciting occasion to get to meet these people face to face behind all these usernames. I am not sure how many people the event can accommodate, but it will surely be... continue reading


I am coming with an open heart, for me is also a holiday as i am not able to support myself from steemit. I am looking forward to meet lovely people, last year raised my expectations but also...continue reading


And this is precisely why I don't think I should give you the standard intro. After all, you're not going to SteemFest to meet the 19 year old @honeydue with blonde hair who likes fantasy stories, you're going to meet the girl who writes here...continue reading


When the venue was announced I was like ahhhhh dayum it's so f$%&/ far away! I secretly hoped it would be in the US or in Latin America. Yes, yes I did play with the fantasy that it could possibly be in Panama. After all... continue reading


Dreaming of steemfest 3,

dreaming mosaic tiled miles

of domed Krakow skyline.

Dreaming our time to shine,

blockchain framed ecosystem,

continue reading


First of all, going to a #steemfest is something I wanted to do since long time ago. Krakow is a bit far from where we live, we are located in Panama, Central America, but since nothing is impossible, we have decided to save enough money and give it a try.

My plan is to... continue reading

Are you going to Steem Fest or planning on going? Why haven't you joined this little dynamic then? It's very easy and you can read about it here. Even though it says it's only for Steem Fest atendees, if you are planning on going but are still not sure, feel free to join in the fun!!

I will be making these comps every week so we keep track of the freewrites people do about this topic and also, because every liquid reward from these posts will be used for a small surprise for all those who join the #roadtosteemfest dynamic.


Thanks for the mention @anomadsoul!

Thanks to you for joining this man!

My family is from Poland and my mother has been there on a few occasions. She says it's beautiful. Apparently there is a statue of a guy from centuries ago who looks just like my dad, which is funny.

If you'll be in Krakow, be sure to have some krakowska, best sausage ever.

Awesome compilation. I knew @llyodavis when he wrote about his preparing to steemfest² . its good to know that he will embark on this same journey again this year. As for me, steem has to increase in price before i can consider going to steemfest³ .
Its your blockchain entertainer @michaelcj of @steemcamp and @steemnaira

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My new photowork for you

Lol she is not my girl, she is just my friend, but thanks anyway it's a nice rich you made this :)

Friends All of the world

May i also join the group of pictures.....

Nice! Can't wait for a others to join in. Fifteen is a pretty decent number and and this week is only going to increase it. Just Resteemed this for maximizing the effect.

...... Maybe I'll do another free write as well :-)

Already 25 people joined! This is awesome and we are just 12 weeks shy of the event, great number of your ask me. Thanks for the resteem mah Bru

No problem man :-)

Como me encantaria asistir a ese Steemfest, lastima que no pueda por ahora pero se que si sigó trabajando fuertemente todos los dias dentro de Steemit pueda el año que viene con el favor de Dios viajar al próximo Steemfest @anomadsoul. Saludos desde Venezuela

I wish I can join, but toooooo far from where I
If you have plan to have steemfest in Asia, I will definitely join there!!! :)
Have fun there!!!
I am following you to check out where next steemfest will be held. :)

You are doing an excellent job. I'm already beginning to regret that I do not have the opportunity to come to STEEMFEST. Good luck to you and Love.

Вы делаете отличное дело. Я уже начинаю жалеть, что у меня нет возможности приехать на STEEMFEST. Удачи Вам и Любви.

Nooo, I'm in Poland for the next two weeks, sadly won't be there again in November :/

So many amazing people coming - and so many awesome posts to read this weekend! I’ll definitely not be sad at SteemFest :D

This is a great initiative, we have people from all around the world and this is one of the best way to be connected with each other to our religion, our culture. you are doing great job sir. keep it up.

Love reading everyone's posts. I'm working my way through them all and look forward to meeting you in Krakow. Here's my post for RoadToSteemfest:

My Long And Winding Road That Leads To Steemfest 3 by Luzcypher

wow nice concept and nice picture sir ..thanks for share..