My fear of joining SF in 10 days!

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10 days! youuuu 10 days!!!

Can you believe it's less than 2 weeks away. Actually, to be exact, 10 days!!!!. Honestly, I'm nervous about many things.


You see me talking to the camera like I have no shyness but weirdly, I'm good at talking to a camera (the camera) more than talking to people I have never met before.

Here's even weirder. I'm better at talking with people I have never met before and never really known them before.. than with people I have never met before but I kinda know them somehow.. Does that sound confusing?

I'm scared of people judging. I'm scared of people expectation.

I'm not as talkative as I am on all my vlogs unless I'm SO comfortable with you. I'm also not good at starting a conversation or come up with topics to talk about



I like the vibes when the alcohol going through my blood, at least, at the beginning. It makes me more socialised.. I talk more and I guess, I'm a bit more relax and laugh a lot. I could feel the fun, more fun.

Though, I'm allergic to alcohol. Once it gets into my body, I get way too high and energise and all, then a bit after, the energy goes below zero and I just want to go to bed. Literally.

I don't want to be that boring one sitting right there and waiting for bed time / or go home early before the party not even started yet..



I live in Thailand, correct. I was actually born here, in Bangkok too. Though, I know so little about the city and the country. A lot of the things @roelandp has been talking about in all the posts and newsletter, I have no clues. I have never ever been to Koh Chang, where the afterparty will be at..

People would expect me to be such a guide and maybe know all the good spots to eat, where to hang out and the best places to go get f* up and all that..

No, I don't think I could be a good local guide Ooops :/


True! All these are so true and yes, I'm afraid of all I have just mentioned.

Say hi to me anyways if I'm too shy to go talk to you. Or even just come to me and ask if I have actually posed naked / wore a 2 inches push-up bra like I talked about in my 3 truths 1 lie post! I'm willing to tell you the truth :)

I will see you in 10 days! <3

Big hug from Bangkok!

Mo :)


Awe, that's soooo cute! And fitting hehe.

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Looking beautiful in picture. Wish you be smiling forever

Aw thanks. Will try to :D

Your fears are funny because they could have been written by me except you have to replace Thailand with M'sia...
That is why I had to make sure @khimgoh was going too, so I wouldn't chicken out at the last minute..
So come join us ... Joanne will be there too and you ladies can Hoe Hoe Hoe together :D

Hoe hoe hoe, sure will be mingling with the Malaysian team a lot of time :D

Know how you feel.

When i approach someone on the street it kinda easy because i'm sure they know shit about me as well as i about them, so no expectations.

However, when i'm with someone i already know, or have an idea at least, thinking about how meaningless my life is and how little time i got puts me back in the present moment.

Sounds cynic, i know, but works for me.

PS: Your review will be very well appreciated on my latest post: "Soy: An Unbiased Reality"
Have an epic one!

Hey thank YOU! will check the post out :)

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Hoegaarden beer? That's one of the few that doesn't make me feel like crap.., hope that picture was taken in Bangkok!

It's taken in Kuala Lumpur :D

Alcohol definitely helps with the talking and relaxing. and then feel sleepy after that. I feel the same way too! But let's keep it at a level where we dont fall asleep while everyone else is having fun 😂😂

I didn't see you sleepy last time. It was just meee 🙄🙄🙄

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Hahaha bcos it wasn't enough! 😂

hahaha dont be a tourguide! Just be the person that talks about steem, because that is our mutual love over there!
I guess it is always awkward when a group of strangers gets in a room, but its easy...because we all have the same interest! see ya there!

Aw true! See you real soon!!!

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I think we have some things in common hehe. About the drinking: I'm energized all the way through, which can be annoying for some lol. Especially when they want to go and I'm still jumping around telling them: Let's GOGOGO!!!! The shyness...what can I say, the people at Steemfest never judge and I never felt like people were anything but genuine. They're not like any other people I've met before...
I am going to send you a transfer now for the Boba party :) for me and three of my kiddos...Can't wait to see you there!

P.S. I still think I was right about your's the bra, soon we will see ;)

Hahaha don't wanna spoil but I think you're right too 😲

The boba thing, you're the first that RSVP so not sure now if it's really happening. If not, I will transfer all back and you can also just stop by for some boba anyways if you want to. I would love love love to meet the kids ❤️💙♥️💙♥️

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Would be great if more people show up. I don't understand that no one RSVP'd yet! I'm sure we'll all be thirsty when we arrive, I'm thirsty for one now hahaha. I will take down the details now and store it so I don't have to look for it once I'm there. Not sure if my phone is unlocked, but a Thai sim card would be handy to have for sure... Will you still be there on the 5th though? Would love to swing by either way.

I think I will. @elizacheng will also come crash at the house for the day so.. then from the next day on, the store will be closed for a little while for both SF and the afterchill :)