The days to train low tide !!!

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Days pass, the rain ceases, the Swell left, the waves went down, but it is no excuse to not take some good waves. The board marked high tide at 6:08 am, low tide 12:10. To begin I want to clarify that the low tide is when the sea level drops and moves away from the beach, which projects a clean wave with more form and strength but at the same time you must be careful to keep in mind that the sand floor is just a few centimeters from you.


Recommendation: Concentration and be careful with the falls that could hurt you. You could possibly break your surfboard. If you are still a beginner I would tell you to wait for the discharge and take advantage of the foam. Argentina, Sweden, USA, and Canada were the friendly surfers of this day.

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Today was a great day in Olón, With a radiant sun warming the skins of the visitors, and at night with a great view of the Moon.


and a Great dinner, Beef Stew


Well if you like the idea of ​​reading further, you can support the following link, it is voluntary but I would like to make a video for the children and surfer of this litle town, you will be the witnesses of this great adventure !!!


Pero el final de todas las cosas se ha acercado. Por lo tanto, sea sobrio y esté sobrio en las oraciones.(1 Pedro 4:7)

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