Robot teach the child to teach math and make fun!

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The round face, the legs are the wheel. Some areas of the whole body can be seen in pink or blue color. It can talk to children through the small screen on its chest. Its name is 'Eye'. This robot is designed to cope with the baby.

AFP reported that the name of the IP has been made in China. It could speak two languages. With the calculation of mathematical calculations, children will be able to teach their children's amusement. The organization says that this robot can be the ideal partner of children.

The iPhone robot has been displayed in 'Consumer Electronics Show Asia' held in Shanghai this week. It is being said that this robot will help children with single-mindedness and help in primary education. A five-year-old baby can walk with the help of an arched beak and can dance. This robot has the ability to identify people's faces.

Parents can see their child from a distance through an eyepiece screen. Thus, the baby can be seen from outside the house. There's an app installed on the smartphone.

Ting Huang, co-founder of Robot's company Avatar meet Robot Technologies, said, "The main goal of this robot was to create the companion for children. When a child sees a robot, then it will be a friend. The family would be considered to be another child. '
The name of the name of the IP robot will cost around $ 400. Australian citizen Mike Stone came to Shanghai to buy such a robot. He said, 'These are very beautiful. I was thinking, my two-year-old girl would be very happy to see it. '

Huang, the leader of the organization, said, "I do not think parents or teachers can take the place of robots. But the ankh parents can reduce the burden of the parents.

There are a lot of big families in China. Due to the single policy, young parents and children often have problems in taking care of children or older people. But the government of China lifted the single policy in 2016.

Avatarmind announced the launch of another new robot in the market soon. That robot can talk to older people. Besides, the robot will remind the elderly to eat medicines and if necessary, call the hospital for assistance.

Beijing has increased investment in artificial intelligence development in front of the 'Made in China 2025' plan. Human-shaped robots are now being made in different factories in the country.

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