ADSactly Technology - Should We Really Be Sending Robots to University?

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Sometimes I wonder if the world has completely lost its mind?

Do you ever feel overloaded with information or simply desensitized to global issues?

In the modern world it seems everyday we come across stories / plans / events that are absolutely ridiculous.

In this article I will be discussing an interesting new development in the field of robotics. The idea of robot students seems a bit odd considering robots can be programmed so what would they need to go to school for?

Well, it seems that whether people like it or not, college students at Notre Dame de Namur University in Belmont, California can now find themselves walking into philosophy class on the first day of the new term and have the opportunity to study alongside a synthetic human named 'Bina48.'

Bina48 looks like a human – at least the head and shoulders of one. Her voice sounds somewhat like a human voice. And in the fall of 2017, she became the first-ever robot with artificial intelligence, or A.I., to complete a college class.

So Bin48 has already completed its first course using AI. Is it just me or is this news slightly disturbing?

Are governments going to allow robots to compete with humans for competitive scholarships?

Do we now need to compete with less fortunate robots for Pell grants to gain the privledge of attending tertiary schools? Sorry but this whole story seems a bit silly to me...


How would you feel about studying with Bina48?

I don't want to be discriminatory but studying alongside robots just seems a bit strange personally, can't we just upload their courses and save a bit of time and space?

Bruce Duncan is the human behind this project and he is also the managing director of the Terasem Movement Foundation.

According to Duncan, Bina48’s programming includes the general knowledge that can be described as Bina’s thoughts, opinions and memories as she could provide.

One interesting fact about this programming is that the robot can use unique combinations of this information to process new information and speak in a human-like way.

The robot’s mind does not operate exactly the way a human mind does.

And the robot does not possess the most highly developed A.I. technology available.

Still, Duncan argues that Bina48 does express some understanding of the world around her.


In another article I came across this week entitled 'George Mason University now has a fleet of 25 food delivery robots roaming on campus' I learned that robots aren't just hitting the books on campus, they're feeding hungry students too!

Starship Technologies, an autonomous delivery service, has partnered with Sodexo to bring 25 food delivery robots to the George Mason University community to deliver goods for a delivery cost of $1.99.

Wow! I don't think that delivery price can be beat by a human now can it? I wish I was born a robot sometimes so I didn't have to deal with the annoying issue of buying food, clothing and other necessities. Robots have us beat when it comes to deliveries or at least thats what it looks like based on this case study.

“Students and teachers have little free time as it is, so there is a convenience for them to have their food, groceries and packages delivered to them. Our goal is to make life easier, whether that means skipping the line, eating lunch on the lawn rather than in the cafe, or finding the time to eat better when studying for exams,” Ryan Tuohy, senior VP of business development at Starship said in a statement.

“Commuters can even meet the robot on their way into class. We look forward to seeing how our service will help and support the daily lives and community of students and educators at George Mason University.”

Just reading this has made me immensely hungry... What was the number for that little robot delivery service I saw somewhere. Oh, nevermind, PB&J it is!

I don't know about you but I think robots should stay in their lane. I can see needing one to cruise by and drop off a quick bite to eat but I don't want to sit next to one as I study philosophy or advanced metaphysics.

What do you guys think about this new age of robotic students?

Please share your thoughts and comments below.

Thanks for reading!

Authored by: Techblogger


George Mason University now has a fleet of 25 food delivery robots roaming on campus

World’s First Robot College Student Learns About Love - VOA News

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Greetings @adsactamente, excellent publication. When running the limits of technology we are forced to continue preparing.

It is important to adapt the AI ​​technologies in public spaces, allowing the improvement of technology according to the interaction with people.

The time factor is difficult to control, in this sense any technology that helps to gain time must be valued, adapted and adopted. In this way, the extra time can be invested in other profitable activities.

Happy day.

I can understand the rationale behind sending a robbot to school, or whatever other environment where it can interact with human and put AI to the test. Programming a robbot would not be enough if it cannot make sense of all the info stored in its systems.
It would be like asking a kid from a rural, isolated area to just read from the Encyclopedia Britannica. S/He wil surely learn a lot of facts, but will know nothing about what those facts mean for people or what others make of them.
It is a disturbing thought, though. I always wonder how many millions go into these kinds of experiments and what better use that money could have been put to.
We do not need to accelerate the dystopia that has been prophesized by so many sci-fi writers.

Hi there! This is a great post @adsactly and you make some valid points about robots going to school, but I think that is exactly why they send them to school, to learn about human interaction (A.I. testing). Food delivery robots is a great idea... Now there is a feeling of fear integrating A.I. robots into society with the purpose of replaceing humans and I understand that, that fear may be justified. Since the first time I saw "The Terminator" or "The Matrix" the idea of an A.I. has been a bit terrifying because those movies are a great indicator of what can happen if we lost controle of a advanced A.I. considering todays internet connected world, but lets be rational ok. A.I. and robotics are here and there is nothing to fear, lets not get paranoid and start screaming "the worst will happen", I mean if we want to use this technology we must test it first right? For me the main fear or problem is how to teach an A.I. to understand the contradictions we humans do all the time i.e. we want to save the environment but have massive pollution, we want to save lives and jet we start wars ect. Maybe the problem we have with robots and A.I. is actually a problem we have with humans, not machines. Think about it.

It's really not clear to me what a robot can do in a classroom, whether to offer help, to be a competitor, to be a companion or as a spectator. I know, by all means, that many students are competitive and could see in a robot the opportunity to demonstrate their talent and knowledge. Likewise, I also think that having a robot in class would help them not only acquire another kind of experience but also other ways of seeing the world. I don't think it would be crazy if the idea is to share and socialize. Technology must be used to help man to improve his skills, to know himself better and to exploit all his potentialities. Never replace them! As always, thank you for sharing, @techblogger.

Nice post, @techblogger. I like his irony and certain humor. In the same line, I would say that if there was the "crazy police academy", it would not be strange a university of robots. Nor would I like to have a cold robot as a classmate, although there are female androids that could be good companions, such as the girl from Blade Runner. The food distribution service or other things you allude to (as they are already doing with the drones) seems to me to be a task that robots could accomplish.
You put an expression in your post that seems central to me: "I think the robots should stay in their lane". Thanks for the post. Greetings.

I think that when the robot comes into the university, of course there are goals to be achieved. Robots as man-made certainly have a function. With a robot in school it might be used by the sender to do something. It could be that he is used to record activities both learning, environment and all other aspects which can then be analyzed by the sender of the robot.
in my opinion we still have not succeeded in making a robot that has feelings, or heart vibrations as human beings feel. I still see robots as a tool to meet human needs. Maybe someday if humans can make robots with emotions like humans, they will be able to become independent souls.
Thank you @techblogger
Thank you @adsactly
Thank you Steemit
Warm regard from Indonesia

I'd say, "look out they're coming" but I mean " they are already here"

Do robots have to have predatory loans that they cannot pay or default on as well? A new market base :)

Haha, no I think that's just one of the many pleasures human students get to experience through the process of indoctrination!

dont really think so because introduction of robots as a teacher will be a huge loss for our talent and all the teachers will be unable to teach will is a huge loss