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There are three main types of currencies these days. One is a utility token, which is what most ICOs are based on, the second one is a security token, and it is coming to fruition these days, and STOs are expected to multiply these days. The third is the stable currency such as Tether or TUSD. Utility tokens are used for different purposes such as payment, services, commissions, energy, AI, streaming, all kinds of stuff. The ROCKZ platform has the APZ token as the utility token, and it will be used on their platform for trading. Just like all the other utility tokens, its price will fluctuate in the free market, based on the number of buyers and sellers. The difference of ROCKZ is that the utility token APZ will be exchanged using the stable currency ROCKZ. In other words, you will be able to use APZ using ROCKZ, and this stable coin will be tethered to Swiss Franc (CHF), keeping its value thanks to the sustainability of CHF. 1 ROCKZ will always be equal to 1 CHF, and the company will make sure that it is always true by segregating the crypto company from the ROCKZ platform. In other words, even if something happened to this company, you will still be able to exchange your ROCKZ tokens with Swiss Francs.

Switzerland and Swiss Francs were chosen for this platform because Switzerland is a country that has been in peace for hundreds of years, not participating in any international wars. Being peaceful makes ROCKZ the world’s most bulletproof cryptocurrency. The Swiss army bunks in the Swiss Alps were converted into storage facilities for paper money and data centers. The ROCKZ platform will make use of these bunkers and keep your FIAT money in those safe vaults in the form of Swiss Francs.

I have a nice youtube video on ROCKZ, and you can check it out at:

One thing I like about the ROCKZ platform is that they are not just dealing with regulation, but they are towards regulation. In other words, being in Switzerland, which is a cryptocurrency friendly nation is not enough for them. They are also making sure that the company has legal obligations and binding agreements in a way that if you take your money to one of their partner banks, you will get CHF in the form of traditional money even if something happens to the crypto company. That is why ROCKZ can be said to be the World’s first and foremost legally enforceable stable coin. The platform is very transparent, and they will monthly audit by an independent company, making sure they have the Swiss Francs backing the ROCKZ tokens. The monthly audits will always be sent to the token holders.

At the time of writing this article, the ICO has sold 1.3 million CHF worth of tokens, which is an outstanding number in this bear season of early 2019. It is still the middle of ICO, and I am sure they will sell more of their tokens.

Their website:

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