CONTEST! - A Role Model Steemian - 2,000 Steem Power delegation as Prize

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Steemit is growing incredibly fast and so many communities are being born every day and with them, amazing Steemians who deserve more recognition. The not so cool part is most of these communities do not have the Steem Power to support their members and their quality posts.

If you think you are a role model Steemian and deserve a Steem power delegation to vote on posts of your community, then this contest is for you.


But what is a Role model Steemian?

That term is so subjective that I dare not say who is a role model steemian and who´s not, but I can say what is to me an exemplary behaviour within our platform.

Among others characteristics, a good Steemian is someone who:

  • Is not permanently Powering down - nothing wrong with powering down a few weeks if you need money, but permanently powering down means you don´t trust the platform and are not very committed to Steemit.
  • Posts original and quality content - quality is subjective, but we all have a certain standard.
  • Cites sources whenever part of the content does not belong to her/him.
  • Tries to reply to the comments on his/her posts (I have to do this more often, bad Eric)
  • Comments on other people´s posts and gives some feedback to the author.
  • Does not selfvote more than once a day.
  • Does not use bidbots to get votes - nothing wrong to use them once in a while to boost a good post or to promote an initiative or project, but come on, not on every post.
  • Spreads his/her votes as wide as he/she can within their SP posibilities.
  • Hangs out in some chat channels regularly.
  • Approves at least 10 witnesses (30 would be better but well).

But a role model Steemian is someone who goes beyond the things listed here.


I don´t know, why don´t you tell me?

Make a post about what you are doing for Steemit, for your community and for everyone else. Tell me how you spend your voting power. If you have a project(s) shout about them in your post. Let me know what you blog about and why you write about that. Share with me how would you use the SP I will be delegating to you if you win this contest. Whatever you think is worth mentioning, do it, it doesn´t matter if you think is small.

Short story, make a post telling me why you are a role model Steemian who deserves this delegation. I will be picking 4 Steemians to delegate 500 Steem Power each.

Rules for joining the contest

  • You have to be a good Steemian (List above, remember?)
  • Your reputation must not be above 62 - let´s face it, if you are above 62 rep you don´t need this delegation (if you are 62 its fine)
  • The title of the post must be: A role model Steemian - Whatever you want
  • One of the tags must be "rolemodel" - also, please do not use the tags sndbox nor blocktrades.
  • Be member of a community, no matter which one. This rule is important as I want to support users who will in turn support their own communities, not lone wolves. To be part of a community means to engage with other users on a channel on or discord.
  • Not mandatory, but a Resteem to this post, helps the contest reach more people.

Important: You CAN post on behalf of someone else if you believe they deserve the delegation.


You have until Sunday, January 21st at 22:00 hours PST (Pacific time) to submit your post. That´s a bit less than a week, so hurry up!
Thanks @zinonweke for reminding me about including a deadline, silly me

500 Steem Power might not sound like much but I hope it helps you out to support your community.

The delegation will be permanent but I will be monitoring your activites to ensure you are using it wisely. The only three scenarios where I could be undelegating you is:

  • You start using the Steem Power unwisely or you stop being a role model Steemian.
  • You become very succesfull and grow your Steem Power effectively, then I will delegate to someone else who needs it more - the point is to support more people.
  • Let´s hope not, but if I lose the delegation given to me, sadly I´ll have to take back the Steem Power I delegated to you.

I will power up every cent made by this post to be able to delegate more in the future.

Special Thanks

Remember, making this contest and giving this prizes is only possible due to the delegation I got from @blocktrades. Don´t forget to vote for them as witness here to show them your support!


@goldendawne & @pennsif would be great to see you all join this contest

Hi @phedizzle, thank you for very kindly mentioning me here.

Having looked at some of the other 'contestants' I am sure there are many more deserving than me. And I truly would find it very difficult to write a post about what I do here - I am still trying to work that out myself!

@goldendawne works way harder than me on steemit.

I'll pop this up to the top so you get a good vote for thinking of me, and @goldendawne gets seen.

Thank you.

I did officially enter last night - I read some of the other entries and WOW! there are some real dedicated steemians and GREAT competition!

thank you for offering up this opportunity @anomadsoul

Good luck!

I was thinking the same thing. As they are all about community and helping other minnows. I am a part of communities on Steemit like the Military Veterans Of Steemit and Homesteaders Online. I want to but out a motion that one of these delegations goes to @goldendawne. I may be wrong for doing this but it will not be the first time. @goldendawne works hard for and with this platform and is a deserving person. I do not think she will not brag so to speak on herself to get this so I will do it for her.

Thank you for your kind words! Yes, I am all about giving back and community support.

You're doing a great job for the #polish community.

I wasn't sure if Steemit would be a good choice for me, but people like @lukmarcus show that you can build something really cool and valuable.

Sorry my entry is so late! Here is my entry post into this contest! I am offering up @GoGoGadgetUpvote! Read why in my post here! Thank you to @blocktrades and @anomadsoul for this initiative!

Thank you so much for your post! I feel like a broken record at this point, but I am really grateful to all of my followers for their awesome support for me in this contest! It really gives me that "warm, fuzzy feeling inside" that so many people have shown their support for me! Thank you again, my friend!

Yes my vote goes with @gogogadgetupvote He is doing a great work for new steemians by starting Daily "Introduceyourself Post" Bounty. In this way he helps a lot of newbies. The other series i like most learn some thing new is also great. gogo believes in sharing the knowledge. so for me the best and deserving candidates should be @gogogadgetupvote

Can I post about someone else than me?
Oh... You said lower than 60 rep so @techslut is off the table ( That moment when you're responding and reading at the same time ).
If I can post about someone else, I'll find someone from our community that truly deserves it and publish a post.
Resteemed, thank you for the amazing support you're giving to new users!


You're awesome, you know. And you deserve this delegation. You're under 60 and I think you very much qualify.

@anomadsoul - Yair here has a little delegation from me and he totally deserves more. He's been a lifesaver with the Israeli community, managing the @hebrewguides account, admining the Facebook group with me and advertising steemit in every Hebrew crypto-related group on Facebook.

I thought the post says <=62

You're so nice for commenting on this post. For that, I gave you a vote!

You doing well, thanks

I think you qualify for and deserve this contest @samstickkz, you share every knowledge you have all the time and give attention to the progress of others even at your own detriment. You deserve this man.

Yeah! Of course you can post about someone else and thanks for telling me this so i can update the post with it.
Thats great, you could do it for yourself and the other person, however you prefer.
Thanks for the resteem!

@gogogadgetupvote is one the hardest working Steemians out there. Great entry! :)

Totally agree. @gogogadgetupvote is doing great for this community

I enjoy reading his contests 😃 and I see every day resteeming introduceyourself posts.

Thank you so much for submitting me as a candidate to receive this reward!

What a fantastic contest! I just wanted to say that I fully support this! A friend of mine @positivity420 linked me to your post, and a post that he put together about, well, me! LOL I don't see his comment or his post linked in the comment section, but you have a lot of replies as it is. Anyway, here is a link to the post by @positivity420. It really is a well done post, and I greatly thank him for his nomination!

always trying to help others, is @gogogadgetupvote!

Thank you my friend you have done a lot for a lot of people and you deserve it 100% :) Honestly.

Okay, since this contest was brought to my attention, I have found out that another of my wonderful Followers has submitted myself as an entry. Thank you so much @artaddict for thinking of me for this awesome prize! I hope I will be selected to spread more rewards to more users!

I am surprised we don't have more posts to nominate you :) But we have in Croatia a saying. "When little hands come together" This is literal translation and Croatian and English is not something you can translate literally. I hope you realise the message :) And thank you one more for helping out newbies.

Thank you for the vote of encouragement! Honestly I didn't know about this post until just a little while ago. The Steemit Ocean is a big big place, it's possible for people to miss things entirely.

It really is easy to get lost in this ocean as you say :) But when you do good things they come back eventually maybe not as good as you gave but, are we being good for good to comeback or are we being good for no reason? that is the quesiton, and I think you are the other type, the best type :)

Thank you so much! It really is about giving for the sake of giving. I mean, if any of the people I support in their fledgling days on the platform make it big and want to support me later on down the line, that's cool and all. But the point really is to get people interested in STAYING on the platform once they get here. It is really easy to get lost in the great big Steemit ocean. I like to think that I help guide people, even if it is just with a simple greeting and a couple of links to good posts to help get people started. There is a lot to learn when just starting out here. It is nice to have people to point you in the right direction!

Yes when they join and even those handful every day, 3,4,5 resteems couple of more uvptoes and a big warm welcome, do you remember the post that had nothing and then you used bots to help it and told us to comment it, the post got over 50 comments... all because of you! And ofcourse that person is going to keep on steemin, and I know it was a lot of people you helped, I can count 10 before I write out this last thank you!

That was pretty exciting. I have noticed a lot of the posts that I resteem seem to do a bit better after I do. Which makes me feel really good welcoming people to the platform!


Me and my friend (@lukmarcus) are curators of the Polish Steem community. Unfortunately, our voices are not big and we get help from some whales.

500 Steem Power is not a lot, but it will help good articles to get a few cents more.

Polish tag: #polish

I'm developing Steem projects in my free time. I made two - SteemDash and SteemDecks and I'm working on the third one (it's working, but the advertisement is only tomorrow :P)

I have seen this lady @seyiodus working hard. connecting with others, helping others, and I think she definitely deserves a delegation!

I agree @thekittygirl, I support @seyiodus as well!

Thanks ma'am

Supporting @seyiodus !!! I see if I can manage a post by tomorrow - sorry for the delay!!! If not, all the best and fingers crossed!! :D

Thanks @meanmommy33. Get on it and write yours.

I don't think I'll have the time today and it's the deadline damn it... It's been a really hard week and didn't have time at all moving and all - and still :/ I only managed to make the @steemsugars post... maybe one of the girls did or can do it by the end of the deadline?? Good luck anyway !!! :D

I do understand you. Thanks.

I work along side @seyiodus at #Promo-Mentors and can say without a doubt that she is a dedicated and community minded steemian, who is helping to build a community we can all be proud of. I wish you all the luck in the world my friend 🙂 🤞

Thanks @raj808 I really appreciate your comments.

hey man, this is an awesome initiative, I'll try to make an entry as I think I'm a good role model steemian :)

Good contest I hope soon to get (62) on reputation. Mean while good job.

You're so nice for commenting on this post. For that, I gave you a vote!

Basically it is what all about... help each other in the community...Right now I have a personal contest... collecting a bag of trash every day, with the hope of to be a model for some one... thanks have a nice day

Apply for delegation to @lukmarcus and @fervi 👍

Don't really think i stand a chance, but i will give it a try...

Please is there a deadline to making the post?

Thanks for reminding of the deadline :P
Already included it in the post my friend, thanks!

January 21st at 22:00 PST time.

Lol... I didn't see the deadline part. I got carried away... I'm really sorry

happens to the best of us dawg, don't worry @anomadsoul seems pretty chilled

No man, you reminded me of it and i included it in the post! You were right :D

Loll.... I feel very honoured to have my name in your post. Thank you very much

hello steemit members! i am julie from oz! lets follow each other! make steemit more powerful and friendly

No no, bad Julie, thats no the way to grow on Steemit.


woops also this guy sir @yuliiya and even using our group tag #steemitachievers so bad.

no no, bad Julie,

Lmao.. you have nailed this..

This is the best :D

hahahaha right cmon now Julie

claps hands

Thanks Julie, I think your 5 introduce yourself post were enough spam.


Lolol in case we missed one.

Even though I tagged rolemodel... I wanted to share my link here for you.
My official entry

Thank you for being very wise and you become a role model for the steemit .. With all due respect I hope to participate in this part .. However I thank you and I can say that this is looking for a wise man among the wise .... my prayer for you may be healthy always ... forgive me if there are words that are not polite .. Thank you for me from me @bachtiar0210

Wow loved your post...loved reading's amazing....thank you for sharing have a good day.

so lets try... i got some nice feedbacks ... hope i get into the contest with it :)

Oh man! I was pumped when I saw this and I knew I had to join it! Your last contest was a blast and I love it!!!

So here I am throwing my hat into the race!!!

A Role Model Steemian | The most basic reason WHY

Sigh... I was all in until Your reputation must not be above 60.

Good luck everyone who enters, awesome prize.

sigh This bot brother has just made it by a few points ;]

Thank you @anomadsoul for hosting this contest. ^^ Choose your winners wisely. I am sure you will do all the necessary background checks with as well, haha. I know I would since the community should be the one that benefits from this :)

Of course! I´ll be using different steemit tools to background check the winners :P Thanks for the advice em :)

This is an awesome initiative as it allows those like me who want to give back to the Steemit community and it’s members! Keep powering up guys and give to those that need it most!

You can definitely join my friend, it is open for everyone in shape and form :D

very good initiative friend Erick I am excited and will participate in this, your decision that the award is in delegation of vote is excellent.
To participate, can I post in Spanish or can I only do it in English?

You can do it in spanish Carla ^^

This is my last minute entry to the contest. I hope I was able to make it on time.


Hello, @anomadsoul! This is a good start for our communities on Stimite. Unfortunately, I do not fit your selection criteria (I sometimes use bots to raise my post, which in my opinion is useful for society). But I sincerely wish you to find worthy applicants for your award! Our Ukrainian-Belarusian community will soon be a year old and we are gradually growing and developing, which I wish to you! Good luck and patience to you! Thank you for a good contest! For your witness I voted. Let it be good!

Привет! Это хорошее начало для наших сообществ на Стимите. К сожалению, я не подхожу к вашим критериям отбора (я иногда использую ботов, чтобы поднять свой пост, который на мой взгляд полезный для общества). Но я от всей души желаю вам найти достойных претендентов на вашу награду! Нашему украинско-белорусскому сообществу скоро уже год и мы понемногу растём и развиваемся, что желаю и вам! Удачи и терпения вам! Благодарю за хороший конкурс! За вашего свидетеля я проголосовала. Быть добру!

Not a problem if you use bidbots sometimes, not all the time. Give it a shot, you might end up happy with the outcome. Congrats on the 1 year anniversary of the community!

You gave me confidence and support). I will participate! As we once said "The main thing is not a prize, the main thing is participation!"

Вы дали мне уверенность и поддержку). Я буду участвовать! Как у нас когда-то говорили "Главное не приз, главное - участие!"

But you have good talent ... to make good dress, that is awesome. Do not worry event you are not fit for criteria, I stiil support you... :)

Thanks for support! I'm not just making dresses). Have you forgotten my beautiful roses?), My tips for caring for them. Now is not the time, but I will write about my garden again!)).

Yeah...ha..ha.. I almost forgot about that :)

Hello... :) Here's my entry for this contest...
Good luck everyone and let's all become a good role model even in our own little way.. <3 tegoshei.... use your power... power of tegoshei

OMG! Thank you Hanto... ^^ Your encouragement and the comments of fellow Steemians on my post made me so happy like a happy phoenix... hihihi^^

I think that @mudcat36 and @davemccoy have both gone above and beyond for new comers to Steemit, and I think you'll find many people who will also vouch for this :)

The #newbieresteemday initiative is something that they have done without the support of people with more resources and voting influence, and the response from the community has been overwhelming so I hope they get a chance to keep going with their great work!

Thanks for doing that :) I hope they recognize his efforts, but I think everyone that has been nominated is doing a great job.

I agree. There are many great role model Steemians on here.

This is nice. I think i should point somebody for this @sweetpea she is doing education for children. Have nice day..

Well said @anomadsoul. The world can be a better place when people have such spirit. It's about helping others find their happiness.
I'll put in for the "on test, I have someone who has a community and his major goals is to help newbies find their feet on the platform while encouraging them through their earnings..Yet following the very least rules of engagement on the platform
.. @credo..(the community) .. I'm making a post about this now.

This is a great idea, I'm actively involved with community building and focus on all the things your suggest but I'm also almost a dolphin, with purely powering up over the last 6 months.
Anyways I'd like to nominate a few others trying to build community here in steemit and I hope they apply for your delegation. @jist is working on a #woodworking community and @stnwllstrtgc is hoping to build an #edc community.
Thx again for your wonderful initiative.

Thanks for the mention @phelimint! I'll start working on a submission for this for sure!

Oh my friend this is awesome, and the fact that you´ve been powering up all this time is admirable. I hope those you nominate, get their post going and if they don´t you could do a post in their favor, i´ll make sure to read it either way.

Would a good curator count as a good steemian? If your emphasis is on finding someone who produces good content, won't the majority of steem and sbd created by the new voting power go to the person it's delegated to? Whereas finding good curators and making sure they vote on other's content makes sure, mathematically speaking, that the steem love gets spread around more evenly. Nothing against what you're trying to ultimately accomplish, I think it's a great opportunity for many, just getting my personal thoughts on it out there. I feel like most with lots of steem power have very similar routines on how to grow their own steem power and not enough gets circulated back in the steeminoid community.

Good luck everyone!

Well, curating wisely is something you do for the community, so why not making a post about it?

Also, I included the "only autovote once a day" clause, which means that at least 90% of the Steem power delegated will go to other users who deserve it :D Perhaps you missed the part about not autovoting.

Oh, autovoting is self-voting on a created post. Thanks for the clarification, that makes sense. I read it, just thought it had to do with bots or something. I don't think I qualify as I haven't been active in any discussion groups nor have I had enough time in the community to be able to make an educated decision on which witnesses I would vote for. And at most I would try to help foster the charity-focused aspect of the community, encourage new international members from less well-off nations, and create one self-voted post a day that would have the sum be delegated to whatever charitable account the people wanted it to be delegated to (by raw vote count, not $). Actually, thanks for making me think some more on what my ultimate goals with this account really are, lol.

Of the comments I have seen on this post, I do believe I agree with this one the most. I absolutely love your idea for spreading rewards to more users, and selecting a particularly good curator would likely spread rewards a little further. I would like to nominate myself for your delegation reward. I have not done a post myself, but two other people have nominated me because of my contests designed to spread rewards. They are linked in the comment that I left, and in comments from @artaddict and @positivity420. I also wanted to bring this post to your attention. POST LINKED HERE! That post is an interview that I did with @ethandsmith discussing my contests, what I do, and what I hope to accomplish here on Steemit. Like I said, I really like this initiative, and hope that you consider me!

@anomadsoul, I think this is great. I won't be throwing my name in the hat, too green i think, but I am sure someone will fill the role perfectly. Good luck!

Give it a try, who knows? Perhaps you have a great community building idea or you enjoy browsing the introduce yourself tag and vote on new steemians... who knows, everyone is new here, the platform is still on beta version, we are all newbies.

Good point haha

Ok, I did it!! I had alot of fun and hope it goes well. My first tag was rolemodel.

I dont have any particular suggestions but just want to say it is a great idea. Very original and appreciated initiative for the growth and development of the whole platform. Thumbs up @anomadsoul.

with the multitude here what chance do i have?
but never say never.
i will apply and may the force be with me.

Exactly young jedi, you never know and if you don´t join you already lost. Get that winning attitude and get the best post going.

Man this is an awesome opportunity and I think I have just the submission for your liking.... stay tuned to find out about this can't miss steemian rolemodel

Ah let´s hope you make a great entry, now you got me curious my friend!

This is awesome.. i hope i can be delegated as i really want to help my co #steemitachievers and most specially the new ones.. I'll definitely join

Of course! That community is awesome and I think it deserves more support! I believe there is a voting bot called appreciator supporting your community? Or am I confused?

thanks dear..but i believe some users use appreciator bidbot instead not everyone is supported :)


wall i think i am out already lol

Appears like most Facebook clients need to be oblivious and imagine there is no reason to worry from my viewpoint. Never at any point comprehended that attitude

Maybe he's trying to say... I think he's saying that facebook investors are oblivious, and they think that there's no threat from platforms like steemit. He doesn't understand how they can think that.

I guess he's saying he sees the potential that steemit has.

I could be completely wrong, don't want to speak for him lol.

So far in my first two weeks I have done all the things on the list except the last two because I don't know about those yet, I could really use more steem because I keep getting locked out by bandwidth like so:
I have also brought a couple of people with me from Disqus and have been posting there daily trying to get others to come join steemit.

That sounds like a great effort considering the time you´ve been on steemit, i would definitely want to read a post about it, you should join.

To vote for witnesses you need your active key. Go to the link at the end of the post and all you need to do is vote for the witnesses you approve. To read about what they do for the platform, just click on their info button.

Don't forget about those not in the top 50<insert favorite witness name here>&approve=1

I don’t see any reason why blocktrades should take their delegation back. You have been an excellent person, initiating contests and rewarding people with your money. I will be writing a post today requesting you to delegate 500 SP not to me but someone else I know here. Will paste the link today.

He compartido tu post no porque crea que soy un modelo a seguir, por el contrario considero que me faltan muchas lunas como para que el tiempo valide las actividades que ahora puedo o no estar realizando, sin embargo se de personas valiosas con maravillosos e interesantes proyectos que espero puedan leer, optar por el concurso y ganar a favor de sus comunidades. Nuevamente gracias por tus iniciativas. Saludos.

Suena increíble! Si quieres puedes hacer un post para ti (nunca sabes, no te menosprecies, quizás tus ideas son geniales y mereces la delegación) y también puedes hacer un post nominando a alguien mas :D

Gracias y créeme no es menosprecio hacia mi, es justicia ante el tiempo y la dedicación de otros... veré que resulta y si ellos no se postulan los nominare... ¡Saludos!

I do not answer all the points, although I try to vote for my posts no more than 2 times a day, and give the rest of my voice to my friends. And for a long time I do not disappear from Steem.

But alas, I'm not sure that my posts are of great value. Especially, given that English is not my native language.

If posts bring a smile or an insight to at least one person then they're of value. The dollar sign being attached to everything here is a far different measure separate from what's actually valuable to others.

Hopefully other communities can grow and money can flow a bit more freely on steemit so that other kinds of voices from around the world can be heard.

It is time to win some Steem power, I really need to help minnows like me grow with my upvote

Thanks for hosting such a great contest!

Thank you for the news I announce the contest I share it now.

Hello there fellow sndbox(er), I really love this contest! However I do not agree that people with 60+ rep don't need this delegation, rep doesn't really mean anything in steemit, it's the SP that makes you influential here. Also, I do not find selfvoting a problem, I see it as a way to maximize earnings. I selfvote more than once a day (only if I post more than once a day) and I power them up.

Hey man! Yeah, that´s probably true, but if you reached rep 62 it means you got some nice payouts going and you have some SP in your wallet, also if you powered it up you have at least 1,000K on SP :D
The selfvoting part is a personal stance, if you selfvote too much, you are not using to support other people but yourself (if you use it to power up then that´s great) but since i´ll be delegating it, i don´t want it to be used more than 10% in selfvoting.

I could selfvote a lot more than that 1 vote per day (sometimes i don´t post) but i prefer to use it amongst the community :D

You are more than welcome to make an entry post, a few hours ago i changed the limit to 62 by reccommendation of a friend.

Yeah sadly I did not powerup all those payouts (I really should have! :P) but I am starting to powerup this month. Thank by the way for inviting me to participate in this contest but I will choose not to as I think I am not deserving enough for this delegation (Man I really selfvote whenever I post :D). Perhaps I could relay this contest to the small community that I lead here. By the way, let me invite you in my contest too, I just started a food photography contest, you can participate for fun. Food lovers are welcome to join! :D Have a nice day ahead!

Let it be me! Le it be me!! I just need to vote for a few witnesses, i have 6 so far including @blocktrades and of course the @ocd-witness. I think I'm all you mentioned and also tall, a Cruz Azul fan (so loyal ha ha), smart, good looking and modest... very modest.

Lolol the cruz azul part get´s you the whole 2k hahahaha
But seriously,if you want to join you are more than welcome

hello @anomadsoul the post can be in Spanish

Yes, the post can be in spanish ^^

I will be one

I will be one

I consider myself newbie with technical words in the platform...but the longer I stay here and wishing to be of help but my SP cant reach more users...I will give it a try...and hope to be of the lucky one...wait for my entry...

Looks like I can't fulfill 2 of the criteria( 7 and 10) of being a role model set by you.
I have seen some of heavy weight minnows are regularly buying upvotes and some older user's opinion about it is not negative at all. So I use to buy upvote, as normally my post don't get enough attention.
I didn't know that I have to fill my quota of voting slot for witness. That can be done in few minutes but I can't undone what is already done, regarding upvote buying. So I have to refrain myself to take part from your contest.
By the way, may the best role model steemian win!

Well, it depends, how much are you using them and with what purposes? Why don´t you make a post and include that information. The witness votes make them well informed (read the witness intent of the ones you want to vote before doing it) and well, let´s hope you join the contest!