What is the minimum slope to be able to install asphalt tile?

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When installing asphalt shingles , you should always make sure that the roof slope meets the minimum requirements for the installation, this to avoid water seepage and that these can meet their objective, beautify and protect your home.

Minimum slope required to install asphalt

Traditionally, residential ceilings were 4 inches or more high for every 12 inches long, low pitched roofs are those with a rise between 2 and 4 inches, and anything below 2 inches is classified as a flat roof.

What does this mean? well, in order to install asphalt tiles on a roof or roof repair, it must have a minimum absolute slope of 2:12 (9.5º).

What is the difference between pitched roofs and flat roofs?

Sloping ceilings have great advantages, not only aesthetically but also technically, which is more important, provides thermal insulation, ventilation and waterproofing, they are also built to withstand snow, ice, water and wind. They are characterized by being stable, stronger and ensure perfect water drainage. The higher the slope of a roof, the faster water or any type of moisture will run through it and the less likely it is for rain, snow or debris to accumulate, thus avoiding leaks or humidity inside the roof. home.

Flat roof as must use special membranes or commercial roofing systems, which are resistant to the penetration of moisture due to the accumulation of water due to the lack of slope where it can circulate without problem. That does not mean that if you have a flat roof you have no chance of enjoying a home without leaks or damp. It's just that flat roofs require a completely different installation process and materials to keep moisture out.
How should the Asphalt Tile be installed on the different slopes?
Installation on flat roofs

To be able to install asphalt tile on a slope less than 2:12 (9.5º) or rather on a flat roof without running the risk of water seepage, you have to make use of some accessories. You must first apply an asphalt or waterproofing base cover the entire surface, followed by an asphaltic membrane grainy surface as or waterproofing roll fiberglass 3 mm thick sand finish, and now, and you can install the asphalt shingle . It is important to follow the instructions on how to apply each of the products marked by the manufacturer.

Installation on low slopes

In the case of roofs with a slope of 2:12 (9.5º) to 4:12 (18.5º) it is only necessary to use the asphalt membrane with a granulated surface or the waterproofing of 3 mm thick fiberglass roll with finish sand and then over it you can install the asphalt shingle.

Installation on conventional slopes

And on roofs with a slope greater than 4:12 (18.5º) there are only two factors to consider, if the installation will be on a wooden or concrete deck. For wooden ceilings need to cover the area with a synthetic coating as Stormtite of or asphalt felt, then you can install the asphalt shingle. And in the case of concrete roofs, one to two coats of asphalt sealer must be added to the surface before installing the asphalt shingle.

No matter what case you are in, as we have already mentioned, you always have to check the specifications and requirements of the manufacturers, as well as the installation guides of each of the asphalt shingle models .

If you require, you want to know the process of how to install the asphalt tile step by step, either on a wooden surface or on a concrete slab, in our Installation section you can find it.

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