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RE: My review of @starkerz webinar with round the clock trader.

I have just popped over to your page mate to see why I flagged your post and there is nothing there so I am guessing you removed it. so you must be the guy who is putting porn on here with no nsfw hashtag.

Alot of people on steemit don't want to see this shit, that is why we have the nsfw hashtag. this gives people the choice to look at it if they want.

my kids go on here and the last thing I need them seeing is a gut eating a women out.

This is wy I flagged you. and I think there are many people out there who feel the same.


You didn't flag me. It's not possible to remove posts. If you are letting your kids be involved with unregulated business that has criminal elements, you're a shitty parent. Get off your moral high horse.

Trolls like you have no place in my life, your just a waste of my time. If I flag some one there is a reason. I have a good reputation on here. I think you will find that other steemians have there kids on here too. I know this as that was what gave me the idea to fund there future by letting them post.
Now fyi I check everything they do on here before hand so don't give me that shitty parent comment.

"58" "good reputation"

Not really. Take your thought police bullshit elsewhere.