Rowdeford School - friends that i had high respect for.

When I was at Rowdeford School i had lots of friends that i did not trust but this is the list of my top 5.

Reece Haines (2012-17)
Becoming friends in Year 7 was easy and he was fun to be with but when I had him in my tutor Group from year 8 to year 11 where on some occasions we had laughter, fun and team work. Reece was a true gentleman where he was kind hearted, a great actor and a true Rowdeford Legend. On some occasions where team work was essential, we ended up with grade 4's or 5's because we were the best team pairing as it was superior to others in lessons like Science and were were a better pairing compared to like Reece Parker and Richard Griggs in Cooking, Zara Walker and Elani Thorman in Music, etc.

Alex Pearson (2013-18)
When he joined in year 7, Alex had skills and when Mrs Devine did a writing session later in the year which i was involved in, he had the skills to do indivual work. It wasn't till i was in year 11 and Alex was in year 10 when our friendship was put to the test when I was elected as School Councillor for my group and it fell on Fridays for Assemblies and Taxis where i was lead Monitor for both as I had to attend the meetings for School Council and i needed a fill in for Assemblies and Taxis when required. Alex did a good job in the Fridays that he filled in for me and he also filled in for me when I had D of E commitments but when I was ill which did happen in June 2017 due to my epilepsy, Alex stood in for me and exceled On occasions when Alex needed to fill in for me and i couldn't tell him, I would usually have an interpreter which was Lewis Bishop (Alex's classmate in his year group) or Elani Thorman (who was in the same year group as me) and they would inform Alex of what was happening. Alex took over the role of monitor for Assemblies and Taxis full time in June 2017 after i left Rowdeford school following their prize giving which i could not attend due to further Epilepsy issues. Alex held the role till he left in June 2018. Alex was a true gentleman and he will give 100% work all of the time and a true friend.

Elani Thorman (2012-17)
As sexy as she is, Elani is every man's dream. I have loved and fallen out with her. I will tell you the reason why she is a true friend. Elani can keep a secret about anything and i told her some secrets which I can't say here. When i first met her in 2012, I knew he was a porn star in the making with good looks and a sexy body, she was highly influential to my career. She wasn't in my tutor group in year 7 but i had her in year 8 and 9 which had fun. Year 10 and 11 I didn't have her in my tutor group but year 11 was incredibly dodgy. Two of Elani mates both of whom I knew refused to let me speak to her, one of whom won't let me speak to the other mate at all when lead Elani to tears and i had to tell all about the friends being dodgy. The second reason was I had been suspended from using my emails for the rest of my Rowdeford years but Elani helped me in a dodgy way to email each other for seven weeks with our IT teacher knowing. In the end of Rowdeford we were going to be together but a feud happened of her love life when she was at Fairfield and i was at Salisbury but we made up.

Lauren Passmore (2013-18)
She was also sexy and he deserved it, Lauren was funny and good humored with me called "Mallory" by her on occasions. I first met her though a friends of hers in Elani Thorman and Lauren was nervous at first but loved being at school. We became good firm friends though the years and it was fun but happy.

Sophie Stephenson (2013-18)
When she joined in 2013, Sophie had a funny accent and a good sense of humour. She was fun to be around and especially when she, Lauren, Elani and i hanged out in 2014-15 plus that was fun. She will be remember for her unorthodox personality, We became good firm friends though the years and it was fun but happy.

This is the memory that I can remember at the moment with my epilepsy, it has cause me not to remember stuff a lot especially after two mild epileptic seizures in June 2017.