Sunday Night Nerdery!

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Nerds are cool now right? They weren't when I was in college but that didn't stop me from playing D&D, and other role-playing games.


Back in college, I ran with some badass guys who rolled fat ones and 20s. That is street for a little weed and D&D. I remember it fondly as it was equal parts social, fantasy, and intoxicants. What more can you ask for really? You didn't talk about it like Fight Club but it was the source of so many snorting laughs and the last true suspension of belief exercises before boring adulthood settled upon you in its deadly effect.


For the last few weeks, some of those same ONs (Original Nerds) have been reunited for the last few weeks, rolling 20's virtually using Https:// We wouldn't let geography stand in the way when there are mages and clerics who can unite us in geekly quest!

I am wondering if I am the only one who has preserved his nerdly roots and plays D&D. Would it be entertaining to partake in our grand adventure via blog?

What Say You?




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To geek or not to geek. That is your question.

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Are there any story-driven games on roll20? I like D&D but when story is an important element, sort of like the Baldur's Gate games on Pc.


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Funny you mention that. We are playing Baldurs Gate as our first mission. The modules have the maps and story, npcs and the whole deal.

So a little less like a computer RPG and more like a simulator of the table top game.

Nerds without borders.

Sounds nice, just made myself an account at roll20, hopefully I'll be able to join a good game one of these days!

so is the entire game digitized? That top image looks like it would be. I'd be down with that but i think that I would probably shy away from pencils and actual dice even though that was a big part of the attraction in the 80's and early 90's.

Yes! We used to play with the paper sheets and roll dice. 20 years later, we all live in different towns. So, we use which is a simulator. We are using the d&d latest version plugins and playing as if we were at a table.

Good throwback for us and we spend Sunday nights being nerds like back in the day!

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nothin' wrong with being a nerd. I'm part of that community for the most part :)

My kids play a game ... and my high schooler says ... don’t tell anyone I’m playing this ... it’s kinda a nerdy game . Lol

Haha awesome! The strongest people can be the ones to experiment and play and explore no matter what others may think.

Tell that kid he/shewill be a rock star like Zeke! And to never grow up.

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Holybread is kinda like D&D..

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