Rally 500 March 2020 1rst Week Curation Contest - Meet @mariacaffrey

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Hi fellow steemians !

This post is my entry for the Rally 500 March 2020 1rst Week Curation Contest.

And my choice for curation is @mariacaffrey :

Maria's - Meet Lucy post


You obviously know by now my love for cats, so this is was an easy choice.

In this post you can meet 19 years old, beautiful and grumpy Lucy.

@mariacaffrey was my choice because she is very active in the community, participating in a great number of contests and has wonderfull photos overall!

Everyone check her posts, follow and help her too grow in our community!

All love, cya you soon !


great entry, a very nice photo


photo is not mine is from @mariacaffrey ! check her profile ! she is a newcomer as well and seems to be very good with photos! <3

Great projects and challenge there I have several acquaintances and I will go to give them support @cuko

Thanks! <3

Thank you for your participation 👍👍

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Thank you! 💚

A cure that speaks through the photograph.
Very good, @cuko

Supporting @mariacaffrey's post was a good choice for your curation project! I love her kitty! 😸 Kudos!

Indeed Lucy is very cute and #maricaffrey a good newcomer!!

I am also a big cat lover of any kind of cat :)


Hello, friend @cuko. Welcome to RR500.

I like your entry, since it talks about the excellent work that the companion @mariacffrey does in this community. I support your comment.

Also, I love cats. I am animal protector

Thanks for the support!! Y muchas gracias por me recibir tan bien en la comunidad! 💚

Excellent selection for the healing of the rally. The selected publication of the friend @mariacaffrey is very beautiful. Good luck in the contest.

Thank you for the feedback ! <3

Thank you so much for choosing me!!! Your post was absolutely lovely, I really appreciate it so much! Made my night ❤️❤️❤️ Wishing you the best of times during the rally :) Also thanks so much to all the nice commenters on my picture, I appreciate every word

My pleasure girl! And it was lovely to e-meet Lucy as well!
I'm glad you appreciate the curation post, have fun during the rally!