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Can't touch it says MC Hammer. Imagine singing that with your hammer for all you carpenters building stuff. Speaking of, is Trump building cases in order to lock up globalists, does he have Hunter Biden sex tapes where Hunter rapes and murders children?


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2020-10-17 - Saturday

Oatmeal Daily - 2020-10-17 - Saturday
Published in October of 2020

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She is Liz Wheeler of RSBN

By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

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Does anybody remember Halloween 1994?

08:40 PM

Did anybody dress up that year or any year after that year? Our Halloween pictures only goes up to 1993 as far as I can see.

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Trump Wins 2020

09:38 AM - Hive

Trump will win like he did in 2016 but much bigger. But the United Nations, and others, have promised to steal it from Trump. Plus, over ten other things are happening at the same time. The bad people in the world will all try to lie and say Trump lost. So, on election night, which is on Tuesday, the 3rd of November of 2020, Trump will be winning many states. But Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc, will prevent people from saying Trump won. On the fake news, when Trump wins, they will say it is just a Red Mirage, as in fake. They have already talked about doing this. They will say Trump did not win when Trump does win.



12:46 AM - RAW VIDEO: President Donald Trump FULL SPEECH at Macon, GA Rally 10/16/20

The 100

2020-10-17 - Saturday - 01:23 AM - 02:05 AM - The 100 706

She bit his neck off and got away. Pulled out his eye to open the door.

A cool planet is a cool planet, pun intended.

A bat in the cave, maybe a rat bat. Stabbed by Raven.

He says you can't get justice without power and that is why God says vengence is mine saith thee Lord.

Guns were stolen.

2020-10-17 - Saturday - 02:05 AM - 02:48 AM - The 100 707

The stone is a star gate.

They've been studying the stone for a thousand years and Clark is the key to everything.


They got the key.


The 100

2020-10-17 - Saturday - 01:23 AM - 02:05 AM - The 100 706
2020-10-17 - Saturday - 02:05 AM - 02:48 AM - The 100 707


02:48 AM - 09:25 AM. Weird dreams, I forget the details. Watching the Georgia Trump rally from yesterday while resting with the heater on until 10:45 AM. In other words, went back to bed until then, was still feeling tired around the eyes, some tears. Cereal. Gave one o to the hamster. Worked on the chicken thing all day until like 7 PM or so. Ate rice, soup, pizza, around 5:30 PM and then went back. The wooden handle to the hammer is off. Need a new one. The hammer died. Got the frame of 3 nesting boxes up. Got battel scars or cuts on my hands. Was eating more after 7 PM. Played with the hamster, she climbed out the cage, into my hand, I rewarded her with a few bites of vegi pizza. A cheese pizza is cooking. Shower. Coffee. Looking to get my other 4 TB HDD to work. Got to get a power supply that does 2 amps. It is now 08:43 PM. Amazon shopping, see Sunday for more info. Went to order a hammer.

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