The pandemic is a virulent and contagious disease of arbitrary dictatorship.

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RT reports:

Reporters for the right-leaning news outlet Rebel News have posted videos showing employees being detained by police at an Airbnb location where they were working, covering Covid-19 lockdown measures.

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My thoughts:

Is the unprofessional and very constitutionally and legally dubious roughhousing and intimidation by the Montreal police going to become a fashion taken up by other police forces? Even the news of the brutality of the Montreal police certainly serves our media to spread fear and intimidation nation wide. Our police here in BC have been called out to serve fines and generally intimidate people. They haven’t been enlisted under the arbitrary dictate of Bonnie Henry, our Covid Czar, as physical bullies yet as far as I know but that sort of thing can spread around if people put up with it.

In Alberta, Ontario, Quebec and here in BC the police have been assigned to help intimidate people at airports into letting themselves be hustled into unmarked vans and bundled into confinement in “confidential” locations at their own expense; police officers know very well this is unconstitutional and illegal and they react with relief when people refuse to be intimidated and simply walk free out of these airports as is their perfect right to do. Police officers swear an oath to protect and defend the Constitution including our Charter of Rights and Freedoms so they know their duty very well. But any department can be turned bad and honest officers can be intimidated and pushed out.

I notice April 19 seems to be a magic date in Quebec as well as here in British Columbia, the date when Covid Lockdown will end, they promise. I’m very skeptical of any of their promises. The corruption of our governments and our media is growing alarmingly fast under the “Covid emergency” pretext. Our laws and freedoms have been suspended for a year with no end in sight. How long before suspension becomes permanent?

I’ll always be grateful to Rebel News for exposing the complete whoredom of the CBC in publishing a completely false story last November of the small hospital serving the small town of Steinbach Manitoba, 60 miles north of Winnipeg, being overwhelmed with dying Covid patients; a local citizen videoed the empty and idle hospital the day after the CBC story was published and sent the video to Rebel News. If it hadn’t been for Rebel News the truth would never have seen the light of day. No one would have been able to know what a boughten House of Presstitution the CBC has become.

I had been informed that testimony under oath to the House of Commons by Jody Wilson-Raybould had revealed that PM Justin Trudeau’s Chief of Staff, Katy Telford, places phoney stories and op-eds in our media outlets in support of the government propaganda line. But I hadn’t seen a real big dripping whopper in the CBC until Rebel News revealed it. Thank you Rebel News.

Presstitution provides cover for anything our provincial and federal governments want to get up to, and there doesn’t seem to be an ethical boundary on any of them. And the complaisance of our people, very much including my personal acquaintances here for whom the CBC is as good as gold, is going to grease our way to some kind of tyranny I don’t want to even imagine. The “Pandemic" is a disease alright, the virulent and contagious disease of arbitrary dictatorship. Truth, however unpleasant it may be, is our only inoculation to save us from this global plague. We have got to get less naive!


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