Background to PTK Problems (3)

in #rtl3 years ago

Based on the initial conservation, there are problems faced in this school in the Fiqh learning process, namely the lack of variations in the use of approaches, media and dynamic teaching methods so that tend to be active teachers and passive students. In the process of learning and teaching, teachers play a dominant role and information only runs one direction from teacher to student. This is contrary to the task of a teacher, namely managing the learning and teaching process so that there is active interaction between the teacher and students and students and students.

Selection of the right approach is needed. One approach that the researcher wants to apply in this study is a contextual approach (contextual approach) in Riba material which according to researchers is able to improve the learning outcomes of Fiqh. With this approach, it is expected to grow a variety of student learning activities and link them into their world.


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