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Two years ago I wrote... New Rules, now they are old rules.

I do want to say that when people complain and over police whatever others are doing it harms the fun in the platform for everyone. I'm watching the "Other Chain" and they didn't learn a thing about insulting and complaining about everyone else's rewards and activities.

New Rules:

  1. Stop whining/complaining/attacking other users.

Each user can use their own stake for whatever they like even if it is to upvote themselves. You on the other hand can use your flag to counteract what they are doing. Just flag it and move on.

  1. Be nice to new users. You don't have to upvote them, but be friendly or answer a question.

Maybe if we came off as a friendlier community, it would seem more inviting to new users.

  1. Stop calling everything a Scam (or worse yet Reward Pool Rape)

Someone out earning you or coming up with an interesting idea to earn Steem is likely not a scam. There is no such thing as Reward Pool Rape, the blockchain gives consent. Again, if you don't like it flag it.

  1. Buy some damn steem the price is low.

Need some attention or want to buy a vote? Buy some Steem!

  1. If you do buy a vote at least try to make a nice post.

  2. Stop expecting to get Whale and Dolphin Votes.

If you do get one celebrate success and enjoy, but whales and dolphins are vastly outnumbered and they can't support all the minnows and redfish. Build a network of 20-30 accounts and support each other. Some will quit, some will grow they will still be your friends when you are dolphins.

  1. Remember what your content was worth prior to Steem and remember more and more content is getting demonetized everywhere.

Nearly all forms of content is highly overpaid here in comparison to other places that pay for content.

  1. There is no crying in Crypto, if this isn't going well... ask someone who is doing well for advice, help and feedback!

These are now the rules of Steem. Go forth and post!

(I don't have the authority to make rules and neither does anyone else)



I agree with the sentiment but would prefer an explanation for flagging. I think past management had too many stubborn beliefs about how stake should be used and what content should be rewarded, and instead of fixing the problem with code they caused problems by demanding everyone conform to their social values which resulted in tribal warfare. Ultimately a software design that allows bad behavior is flawed, and instead of trying to discourage user behavior by force (downvotes) we should encourage user behavior by software design. If there is too much spam, let's consider ways in which we could invite better user behavior instead of spending all day trying to track it through clumsy interfaces to downvote. How about switching voting mana to allow a 1 vote per day instead of 10? That would get encourage smaller wallets who can suddenly achieve a dust vote threshold of $0.04 and reduce the problem of spam. I'm not married to that idea, it's just an example of trying to encourage better user behavior by code design instead spending all day tracking spam.

Hear! Hear! We have so many 'rule makers' outside of the platform already. To have to deal with them also on the inside is a bit demoralizing.
I like the 'New Rules of Steem'

Why are all your rules number #1, except one that is #2? Just asking...

It's the damn editor. :)

You can't do numbered lists by manually typing the numbers on this or any other front end. I don't know how to do it. :)

The Editor screwed it up, it looked right before I posted it.

✅ I like these new rules 😊

You on the other hand can use your flag to counteract what they are doing

HOW can I do this with bloom?
It is not possible. (no posting, no comments - just farming curation and downvoting maliciously)
This is a very serious question, as it can be could be used by massive accounts to basically decide everything.

It's gaping hole in the system.

@whatsup, your rules are the most wonderful you can come up with.
These are the rules of a successful person who knows how to succeed.

You should be grateful for everything that life gives you. Then life will give even more good!
Do not cry, do not spoil the life of others, do not conflict.

And create! Huge respect and gratitude for the most correct rules in the life of Steemit!
Thank you so much!

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