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After 4 weeks of taking an iron supplement I feel much better running. I have been taking 65mg of iron (325mg ferrous sulfate) with 500mg of vit C first thing in the morning then waiting an hour before eating. I started to realize I was getting anemic when my times started getting slower the last couple of months and my perceived exertion during running was much the same or higher.

I had blood tests done and I am still waiting for the follow up with my doctor who is a bit difficult to get an appointment with. I have found in the past that your average GP has little insight into long distance running and anemia. From what I have read it also seems that the link between anemia and running is not well understood. I have been following a vegan diet and maybe this is something I am unable to do unless I take a supplement. I had a serious problem with anemia a few years ago here is the link to the post I did on that episode. After this I took the iron for a couple of years but thought maybe I was ok without it so I stopped.

This is a run I did on the weekend it was quite warm and 90% humidity here in central Florida. The same run took me 1.20.42 on the 16th of April so about 7 minutes slower.

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Hey @athrovegan good to hear you are feeling better and your right, doctors are a little limited in the knowledge they have with it comes to Iron deficiency and runners. In my part of the world, doctors are making sure people have sufficient Iron levels but don't understand that an endurance athlete needs a lot more.
Take care of your self and I hope you keep running well.

Glad you are feeling better!

Thanks. I operate better in all parts of my life if my running is going well.

Nothing can stop a consistent Runner.

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