Runforsteem - In steamy Florida

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It is pretty steamy in central Florida. Last night I waited until 7.00pm to run but it was still 84 degrees and 69% humidity so the feels like was about 90 degrees.

My legs were a bit tired as I went back up to doing 30 miles during the last week. I did quite a bit on the treadmill with an incline of 1 or 2 % and this makes my legs pretty fatigued. I have always flipped between using a treadmill or running outside it doesn't seem to make any difference to my fitness.

I had read about foot strike anemia or mechanical hemolytic anemia. Some researchers believe the main source of runners anemia is the foot strike. This is the destruction of red blood cells during running. How much this occurs they say depends on hardness of running surface, how worn your shoes are and perhaps some genetic factors. I usually run on footpaths, where I live it's the only choice. My theory is that if I spend some time running on the treadmill instead of cement footpaths it might decrease the degree of destruction.

This is my entry this week for the #runforsteem challenge initiated by @jumowa. For this weeks challenge click here


Good work i remember steamy runs like that when I used to live in georgia

The day has only 23 hours and not 24, do you know why? Because one hour is booked always for running.
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