Weekly Run for Steem Challenge Feb 12th - Feb 19th & Payout For Last Week

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We have concluded three months of our #RunForSteem Challenge



Click the participant's names to visit their entries

Last week's challenge post made

Which is

Everyone receives 0,330 SBD and 0,085 Steem




All week until payout next Monday Feb 19th - Upvotes have to be placed on the 5th day after #runforsteem post has been published, not later!

Upvote with 100% Voting Power, resteem this challenge post and participate by going for a run. Then prove you ran by uploading a 30 minute selfie video of yourself running


Just kidding! Using a running protocol app on your phone should do it. Then upload your stats with the given data and date linking the challenge and myself in your post.

The earnings of this post here will be paid out equally among participants a week later so the more you resteem and spread the word about #runforsteem, the more we earn.


  1. Follow the Rules!
  2. Upvote 100% & Resteem Run For Steem Challenge Post
  3. Create your post with your running data & date included and post the link in the comments
  4. Link the challenge in your post
  5. #runforsteem has to be included in your tags and post title
  6. One entry per person but I will cheer for you nonetheless if you run more often ;)

Thank you Guys and Happy Running!


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I’m finally running again and happy to join back in on running for Steem.

Welcome back Dabeckster


I posted two runs this week but I'm not on the list. Did I do something wrong?

I checked. You didn't post your run in the comments. Sry Dan :/

Oh, so to be clear - should I post this week's run in the comments of this post?

Yes, as described in the rules

My mistake. I see I'm not the first! Will post here this week. Thanks!

Yeah, I missed that requirement as well. Live and learn.

Alright, I hope I get a pass since this is my first attempt to participate, but I totally screwed up the directions and posted earlier. But my post is now edited (!) and available here:

Hey Cstrimel, thank you for joining!
All good, please include the challenge link in your post in case people want to check it out (rule 4). I know you already resteemed the challenge post itself but sometimes people aren't interested in checking out new steemers so your followers hearing it from you directly is more efficient to spread the word + going through the runforsteem hashtag alone might be confusing to new runners looking for the source post.

Thank you and welcome!

Got it. Thanks! I’m editing the post now.


Posting for the first time. Will continue on regular basis now onwards.

Here’s my post for this week. Also, I’ve agreed to lead a 5K training program with weekly follow-ups for #runningproject that will be geared for both beginners and experienced runners. Planning to get the intro post out on Monday.

I ❤️ 🏃🏽 My Valentine’s Day #runforsteem post

Alright, obvs still struggling with the directions :/. I guess I already posted a run for this week. Can I post more than one? Sorry if not. I promise I will get with the program.

You can run all you want :). Go @cstrimel Go!

I missed the challenge last week but here is my run for this week :) https://steemit.com/running/@romaincrx/fiftyrunstillmay-30-and-31-50-2-short-runs-runforsteem

Ok, here we go -

upvote - check
resteem - check
create post - check - https://steemit.com/running/@trevor.george/the-last-long-run-before-my-next-ultra-marathon-the-triple-peaks-challenge-and-also-runforsteem
add link to Strava - check - https://www.strava.com/activities/1411029083
add #runforsteem - check

Did I get it right?

28ks. I bet you could power a home with the energy you put in motion. You forgot to link the challenge post in your post if I see it correctly.
Hope your ancle gets better.

whoops! I knew i'd forget something. I was so shattered after the run yesterday I was in bed before the sun went down ;-)

I've added a link to this post on my post for you.

I'll try to get it right next time ;-)

I cant relate because ive never run such distances. Ive done other sports. I can imagine the euphoria though and pushing yourself and after tons of practice and experience a marathon may not look so much anymore?!

I'm not normally so tired after, what is for me, a reasonably short long run. And it was on the flat too.

I just think that my whole body is tired and needs a good rest, and yesterday I was just a bit flat.

So I'll take it easy for the next couple of weeks and hopefully get my energy back again.

... and I wouldn't call it euphoria so much as relief that it is over with and I can lie down and sleep (after a beer of course) hehe

Thanks again so much @jumowa!
This initiative is awesome and really getting the steemit running community together.
I'll post my run later!
100%UV, resteemed

I thank you guys too. Even though we aren't making much yet, I hope this to continue and grow.

I think it will!

PS, not to be weird but you misspelled the word "challenge" in the tags

That feedback is welcomed. English isn't my main language. Thx Chelsea

No problem =)

Here's my post for this week: https://steemit.com/runforsteem/@runningdanw/runforpancakes-runforsteem

Hopefully I've not mucked up the posting this time!


My run this week. Seems like the number of participants is increasing. That's great!

Thanks @jumowa for another great week! I busted out a good one for this week. :) https://steemit.com/runforsteem/@plantstoplanks/run-for-steem-broke-into-double-digits

This should be my first official #runforsteem entry. In other words, I read the instructions and followed the important rule #1.


thanks for sharing a nice post
keep it on

Another one. I ended up writing some fairly detailed stuff about technique here, specifically stride length, for anyone who might be interested.

Congrats to all the participants, I should do more sport but I have a busy schedule. Have a great day!

When life gives you a hundred reasons not to run, show life that you have a thousand reasons to do it anyway. ;)

Hehe, you are right @jumowa. Thanks for encouragement.

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