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I'm doing some catching up on posts today. It seems I fell behind by 2... or 3. I decided not to mess with the #FiftyRunsTillMay ordering and keep it ordered by post. Enough housekeeping...

Where'd I go?

I had an errand to run down the hill. It was a beautiful day and I needed to stretch my legs (and ankles!) so I figured I'd take a stroll. My stuff wasn't ready so I decided to fill in some lines in the neighborhood leaving a path for me to get back on yesterday's run. I wasn't expecting to go 3.7 miles but it sure felt good!

Pictures? You bet!

Janss Investment Company developed several areas of Los Angeles. In a brilliant move, it sold land to the cities of Los Angeles, Santa Monica and Beverly Hills which the cities in turn gave to the State. It has since been known as UCLA. Why was it brilliant? Janss developed Westwood and Holmby Hills next to the new university.

Marxism is dead!

What was she thinking?!?


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I like the pics: you have eye for details and witty comments :)

Thank you! Feedback is always appreciated!!!

So I have been wondering how you were doing way over there on the other side on the land. I ran through massive snow yesterday at a race. Lots of fun but somewhat slippery. Was wondering about those ankles. That license plate is a hoot. :))) I find it hard to keep up with my blogging and my running and it is only February. What will I do in June. Yikes

ahahahahahahaha! I know the feeling. I just banged out 2 run posts, have another one in the works and then have to find time for yesterday's run which will have technical info so a much longer post.

The ankles seem to be fine. A little stiff but not keeping me from running. (Yes, I listen to my body and would take an Uber/Lyft if my ankles said to stop.)

Part of me misses that I didn't get a winter in the snow in Denver and the Rockies... and then I look out the window! ;-)

aha. well good about the ankles, with me its always an IT band thingy mostly on the right, such a bugger. One of these days I will do a destination run in February somewhere warm. Yours in running. :))

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