Low Energy Nearing the End of Palms #FiftyRunsTillMay 10 of 50

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Running behind on posting seems so ironic when I'm posting about my runs. While this one was titled Low energy nearing the end of Palms, completing it felt great because I finished a big section of the heatmap (except for 6 blocks that no one except me will notice).

The Run

Purpose: Aerobic run. See how ankles are doing. (Ran in Hokas to see if extra support and high drop helps.) Keep tabs on fueling.

Fueling: Had an almond butter pack. Not sure if it helped. At end of run my one thought was, I want a burger! (And I got a burger for dinner.)

Results: Ankles were fine but I still had to stop 3 times to stretch them. My feet felt like the Hokas were giving too much support. I can't tape my arches with these which is good news as my feet seem to be getting used to less support in the Altras. Fueling-wise, fat-adaption has a way to go.

Sights & Sounds

This was not as diverse as the section of Palms to the west of here but it had some variety of buildings, people, and art.

I collect these painted traffic signal boxes around town


As I passed the Krishna Consciousness Center, I thought that I haven't seen dancing hare krishnas in years. Then I saw this guy. He seemed more subdued than those of days of yore.

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Nice combo of running and photography!

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