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RE: A walk is run on a rest day, right? #FiftyRunsTillMay 9 of 50

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So I have been wondering how you were doing way over there on the other side on the land. I ran through massive snow yesterday at a race. Lots of fun but somewhat slippery. Was wondering about those ankles. That license plate is a hoot. :))) I find it hard to keep up with my blogging and my running and it is only February. What will I do in June. Yikes


ahahahahahahaha! I know the feeling. I just banged out 2 run posts, have another one in the works and then have to find time for yesterday's run which will have technical info so a much longer post.

The ankles seem to be fine. A little stiff but not keeping me from running. (Yes, I listen to my body and would take an Uber/Lyft if my ankles said to stop.)

Part of me misses that I didn't get a winter in the snow in Denver and the Rockies... and then I look out the window! ;-)

aha. well good about the ankles, with me its always an IT band thingy mostly on the right, such a bugger. One of these days I will do a destination run in February somewhere warm. Yours in running. :))

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