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in #running4 years ago

Beats my ice and snow. Thought I would try some cross training today and went ice skating. Nice switch. Hooray for those ankles.


You didn’t hear me complain about our frigid temperatures... it dropped into the 50s! 😂

ya..dont complain about yur temperatures. How about -40 celcius. I have skated in that temperature before. However yesterday was about zero. with a slight wind off the Atlantic.

-40 is easy... at least to convert since it’s the same. As for running, I’ll stay indoors at -40.

My plan had been to spend the winter in Denver and I was looking at compression pants (I only run in short... including single digit Celcius) and cramp-ons. Didn’t need them so I’ll take to 20-ish degrees of Los Angeles.

can't say I blame ya. I am getting tired of the cold and mostly the ice. Too many layers of clothing makes you feel like a child with a snowsuit on. eeekk

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