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RE: Aborted Due to Ankles (#FiftyRunsTillMay 4/50)

in #running4 years ago

Sorry to hear you had to abort your run but sounds sensible. Almost all of my niggles have been as a result of footwear - either incorrect or worn out.

Like your "bad kind of hurt", I guide my runners similarly: If it's painful, rather than uncomfortable, then stop and rest!

Hope it recovers soon.

PS. Wow on the number of upvotes!


I don't get upset about these things anymore. I view it as part of my journey. Of course, if it is an extended injury, I have to admit those get me down.

I separate pain and soreness. I stop when there's pain (I didn't which led to worse plantar fasciitis than I should have had) and I miss the soreness of ramping up mileage.

As for the upvotes, I was surprised and wondered what happened. Since I believe in honesty and transparency I'll share what I figured out: that's how @smartsteem works. It controls the votes of individuals instead of controlling delegated SP. 😳

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