Running goals and progress this week reviewed.

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I quit Ulogging my runs

I started off trying to keep a track of my running in a ulog format however as mention in the two ulogs I published I expected to have difficulty keeping my logs up to date. My life just doesn't lend itself to writing about on a daily basis. I was right, I couldn't keep it up the publishing rate.

I am wanting to keep a log of my running still, so this is my week of running reviewed in one post.

Firstly The end of my previous

On the 2nd of July I completed an 8 kilometre run which I blogged about here.
This included a 2 kilometre bare foot run. Following this I was not able to run for a couple of days due to my calf muscles being tight and tired. It was the 2 kilometres in bare feet that had destroyed my calves.

I took a couple of learning points from that run.

  1. Don't do my long run and my barefoot run at the same time.
  2. Do my long runs or barefoot run on days when I have plenty time to recover after them.

The last seven days

I managed to get back to running on Friday the 6th. I completed my 5 kilometre run in the morning. My legs were in good condition again. I am trying to increase my speed very gradually so this was mostly ran at 12kmh with a couple of slow periods at 10 kmh trying to keep my heart rate below 170.


Sunday night I did an outdoor run. Its been a hot summer weekend and so I waited until evening to run outdoors. It was still warm even though it was very late in the evening. At times I felt like I couldn't get enough oxygen into my lungs.

2018.07.08Outdoor run.PNG

Tuesday I was back in the gym after work for another treadmill run. Keeping to my routine 5k. This was a nice easy run for me. I was able to really enjoy this run and the music I was listening to. I also got my personal best time for this distance.


I will be running tonight again, I am feeling in good form so expecting an enjoyable run again. I am really pleased with my progress. I feel like I am steadily improving, gradually increasing my speed and maintaining my ability to run this distance. I am going to throw another long run or barefoot run in soon but next time I will do it with a little more consideration.


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