Running goals update for the week.

in #running3 years ago

Today has been a tough week for working on my running goals. I have my daughter off school for the first week of summer holidays. My daughter is too young to run with me at the distance and pace that I run. I have only been able to run when somebody has looked after my daughter for a short time.

I did manage to get two runs in this week. On Monday I ran 6 km on a treadmill at my gym. I had been feeling low in enerdy and more tired than usual for a couple of days prior to this, possibly fighting of a bug. Running in my new running shoes, I started off my run with a slow pace of 10 kmh and gradually increased this as my legs warmed up. I really struggled to maintain a decent pace for this run. Because I had been running so slowly I decided to try and push on to 8km in stead of ending at 5km. I only managed to complete 6 km in total my overall pace was poor. My pace for the total 6km was 5:30 m/km.


My second run of the week was on Friday morning. Back in my Asics Tartherzeal 6, my overall pace was much better for this run at 5:02 m/km. I would have been able to carry on at this pace only I was limited in time that I had available to run. I had to finish after half an hour so left it at the 5 km. I completed the 5 km in 25 minutes 12 sec.



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