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I've been taking it easy lately, since I've been stressed trying to wrap up my dissertation and deal with a lot of various graduation issues, so I finally decided I had to get some fresh air and take a relaxing jog. Since I'm from the midwest, I've never REALLY gotten into the east coast New Jersey life, but I will say that the Princeton area has some very beautiful little creeks, rivers, and trails that are perfect for taking your mind off research for a while.

River selfie :)

Trail behind our apartment complex.

Trail was surprisingly empty for a nice, cool afternoon.

Probably a 12-inch turtle out sunbathing in the river.

An artsy panorama shot.

Took a nice relaxing pace, somewhere around 8:45/mile.

Came back and found my cat Coco chilling in the sun as usual.

I haven't been able to exercise that much lately, since I've been in recovery mode from the NJ marathon, so it was really great to get out for a few miles in the cool air. If you are ever in NJ and you are into hiking, running, or backpacking, I definitely recommend asking someone about any of the local trails. There are some beautiful ones, and some of the best ones snake on for miles and miles.


Hello my Ph.D. friend. Great post! ☆☆☆☆☆😎

Thanks! I hope all is well.

Dang, that's a good pace for 6 miles lol, I am horrible at jogging longer than a mile, now get me on a cycle and I can go for days! That's a very nice place to jog!

Thanks! I'm actually not much of a runner (more of a lifter), but my wife and sister have basically dragged me through 3 marathons, lol.

Since you are back, you will quickly regain your position as someone to follow for good content and enlightenment. I just cannot imagine what it has been like for you over the past months, and years. So happy for you.
I am also, from the Midwest, and I can see from many post, that in number, we are not a few here on Steemit.
Nice photos. In the Midwest, where I am from, we call them pictures. Ha

Nice, thanks for the message! Where are you from in the midwest? My wife and I grew up in Indiana.

Que lindo paisaje

I don't know about anyone else here but I'm looking at that pond behind you, thinking what size bass I can pull out of there lol!

Funny cat
I like your post