Runner's Diaries: Week 2 of Marathon Training

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The weeks coming up can only be better...

I had a terrible week in terms of running. I went for my usual Monday 5k, then I planned to do my Wednesday run on Tuesday (because Valentine's day). I was going out the door to meet up with my running buddy, when a thunderstorm broke out and hail was falling all over the place. Not exactly safe running conditions. Thursday came along, and my energy levels were just nowhere. I felt bloated and exhausted and lightheaded. I ended up catching up on sleep. I don't run on Fridays, Saturday didn't happen, and when I woke up this morning I felt so defeated. I've been having several good weeks back to back until now. I've been running at least 3 times per week. I literally had 5 days of no running. I hate the feeling, so this week it's redemption time. Watch this space!


I ran in a new area today (Sunday). I went to where my LD (long distance) running buddy lives, and she took me on this route. The route has some great hills, even though it was mostly through residential area. We did however come to this part which was on gravel road, passing a small vineyard and some horse riding farms. Very pretty place. We ran a 6.5k, wanting to run an 8k, but life happens.


We passed several other walkers and runners, some with pets walking with them. In South Africa it can sometimes be difficult to find a safe area in which one can run without needing to be cautious the entire time. This was a great route in that sense. Close to home, hilly, and a lot of shade to stay in. The perfect place to build up your running fitness.


In total I had a 11.5k week, which is very weak, but I'm going to push this week. Resting this much gives me sooo much energy. It was clear that my glycogen stores were all filled up. Never again! LOL. If you're also training, please let me know how your week was. Did you exceed, meet or miss your goal? Great thing about failure is ALL the room for improvement. All the best for your coming week. Let's do this!!


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Careful not to try and catch up for your missed runs and end up overdoing it. You'll be back in the zone in no time!

Wow. Running in all that heat and dryness! It's beautiful - but I'd much rather saunter through with a class of coke and a stiff breeze to accompany me haha

I think I had a 0.02k week.
You're doing better than me at least.

Lovely place to run... I know how frustrating it can be when you feel you haven't stuck to your goals but the best thing is to just get back up and continue!

Amazing view! The heat and dryness tho will make you sweat and drink more. Thanks for sharing!

There are weeks like the one you describe - when we runners are not happy... but take it as a rest week, and the coming one will be better since you regenerated well! Onward and upwards!

So pretty!! I miss the winelands in Cape Town! Your post makes me wish I did some more running when I lived there! Glad to hear you had a little rain, just wish you had some more rain!

Run often. Run long. But never outrun your joy of running.
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