Friday Afternoon Forest Run

This was a very pleasant afternoon slowish run through the local forest. First part on paths and forest roads with lots ups and downs and roots and holes and jumps and ...

Second part on a tarmac road back home with a short offroad detour.


Proof Of Run


This is a consecutive day of running no. 8.

Tomorrow morning I intend to be a part of a Tek Petra Levca, 10 km trail run in nearby Trzin.


My goal is to be there and have fun.

Follow @runningproject and run, of course :)


Ah... the joy of running... just go and run!

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Well done man! Enjoy your race tomorrow!

Merci. Will certainly do :)

Very nice! Cool to know you are a runner too! I do mostly Marathons, but once broke the Guinness World Record Treadmill distance over 12 hours.

That is so impressive! Takes some mental strength.

I think more mental - right?!

Well, obviously physical too, but staying on that dreadmill for such a long time requires a strong mind!

Dreadmill :) I'm with you on this one. It's just not natural :)))

Hey, excellent. How many kilometers were you able to cross without moving one inch further? :) It takes a special kind of mindset anyways. And persistence and stubbornness not to speak about physical ability at all ...

Marathons are a way to go too, great. I was a marathoner once and I intend to be again.

I did 84.1 miles (135km). I was aiming for 85 miles. I still broke the record by 4 miles, so that was good. Here's a video of the last couple minutes..