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RE: All about Russia and the Russians: what is your attitude to Putin?[EN-RU] Всё о России и русских: каково ваше отношение к Путину?

in #russia4 years ago

I have deep respect for V. Putin. Tough as the Russian bear, smart as the Siberian Fox, and wise as the Owl. But I have a question for you: Are the Russian people aware that the US has once again started a major propaganda campaign against Russia in Syria? I think we Americans are being manipulated into believing Russia is evil so that we will support perhaps a war or at the very least a major American presence in Syria. And what will Russia do if we do that. Will they fight back?


A good question - worthy of the following posts @rusteem. In occasion of propaganda in the USA about "bad and terrible Russia" - study the management model "stationary bandit" (maybe she calls differently). The stationary bandit collects attention and money from those with whom he lives nearby, and pretends to protect everyone from another, much more dangerous bandit. The US government has been playing this game since the Second World War, the USSR also played during the Cold War. Understand correctly, it's not so important what we will do-what will you do with this? what are the consequences for you of the next military expenditures, the next casualties among the soldiers, the next expectations of something terrible?

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