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The 21st edition of the football World Cup begins in Russia on June 14. After the World Cup of football, after eight years to return to Europe, the organizers' enthusiasm is a little more noticeable. Russia's World Cup organizer committee has made several new stadiums in front of the World Cup. Especially the Russian football infrastructure has radically changed through this. The upcoming stadiums in the upcoming tournament will now be a reflection of Russia's future football.


Although new installations were seen, some of the major home grooms in Russia were not considered as venues for the World Cup. Of these, CSKA Veebie Arena in Moscow (which was launched in 2016), Vietbi Arena of Dynamo Moscow (founded this year) has been neglected.

Instead, the center of the 12 selected stadiums is in Moscow's Luzinci Stadium, where this year's final match will be held. At least four matches of the group stage will be held in each of the squads. Take a look at the 12 stadiums:

Luginić Stadium

City: Moscow

Capacity: 81,000

Status: Fully Ready

This is considered to be the biggest stadium for the World Cup. The most exciting match of the year will be held here, the final. The stadium is well known to Manchester United and Chelsea fans because of the Champions League final in 2008.

Since 2013, the work of redefining the renovations of the Luzini stadium has started. But in 1996 the roof and iconic outer gate attached to the stadium were kept the same. Inside is just a new one. Visitors' capacity has been increased slightly to 81 thousand. The athletics track has been lifted which makes the whole environment more prosperous.

Group matches: Russia vs Saudi Arabia, Germany vs. Mexico, Portugal vs Morocco, Denmark vs France.

Knock Out Match: Final 16, Semifinals and Final

Spartak Stadium

City: Moscow

Capacity: 45,360

Status: Fully Ready

The Home Ground of Spartak Moscow was opened in 2014. Traditionally it is known as an octroi arina, and everyone knows it. As a precaution that was already fully prepared, no new reformation was done. It was one of the four venues of the Confederations Cup in 2017.

Despite being one of the most successful clubs in the history of Russian football, Spartac had no home venue before the launch of this venue. Instead they play on different grounds in Moscow. Spartac won the first league title for the longest 15 years in 2016-17. Prior to 1992-2001, he won nine titles in 10 years. There is a tradition of this venue that there are magnificent statues of the Starostin batters created by the club. The one behind the side of the goalpost has been set.

Group matches: Argentina vs Iceland, Poland vs Senegal, Belgium vs Tunisia, Serbia vs Brazil.

Knock Out Match: Final 16

Kazan Arrena

City: Kazan

Capacity: 45,379

Status: Fully Ready

In 2013, Rubin Kazan escaped from their old Multipurpose Central Stadium and entered the new Kazan Arena. Europe's largest outside skin is established here. This screen has been installed across the outer wall of the stadium.

Confederations Cup matches were held here because this stadium was also ready for some part of the World Cup episode. It was a semi-final.

Group matches: France vs Australia, Iran vs Spain, Poland vs Colombia, South Korea vs Germany

Knock Out Match: Last 16, Quarter Final.

Samara Arena

City: Samara

Capacity: 45,568

Status: Fully Ready

The new stadium has been completed in 2018. Earlier it was known as Samara Arena Cosmos Arena. It is now recognized as the new home venue of Kylium Sovetov. To date, Kylia used Metallurg stadium as a home venue.

The stadium was built in the shape of a space-edge glass dome, reminding the role of Samara in the Soviet space-exploration program. In August last year, there was a delay in the construction of the stadium on the occasion of the sudden fire. But later, the construction work was completed.

Group match: Costa Rica vs Serbia, Denmark vs Australia, Uruguay vs Russia, Senegal vs. Colombia

Knock Out Match: Last 16, Quarter Final

Mordovia Arena

City: Saransk

Capacity: 44,442

Status: Fully Ready

8 million people living in Mordoviya, about 500 kilometers southeast of Moscow. But then it is a part of the Russian Federation. The new stadium will be known as FC Mardovia Saransk's home venue after the World Cup. The club was formed in 2005 with two local teams together.

It has capacity for 44,000 of the World Cup. But after the tournament it will be reduced to 28 thousand. However, it will be provided regularly to rent it. Basically this type of stadium is applicable for third-class clubs. The stadium was opened on April 21 last.

Group matches: Peru vs Denmark, Colombia vs Japan, Iran vs Portugal, Panama vs Tunisia

Knock Out Match: No matches will be held.

Rostov Arena

City: Rostov

Capacity: 45,000

Status: Fully Ready

Rostov Arena has been built as one of the key areas for the development of Rostov city on the banks of 'Don River'. After World Cup, it will be used as FC Rostov's home venue.

Rostov, who is thousands of kilometers from Moscow, has not yet met the title of the league. But with all the obstacles in the 2015-16 season, the title came very close. CSKA has achieved second place behind just two points from Moscow.

This stadium is opened to everyone in the current month. The seven kilometer bicycle path, walkway and green grass climb around the stadium increased the beauty of the stadium.

Group matches: Brazil v Switzerland, Uruguay v Saudi Arabia, South Korea v Mexico, Iceland v Croatia

Knock Out Match: Final 16

Fisher Stadium

City: Sochi

Capacity: 47,659

Status: Fully Ready

This Fisch Olympics Stadium is considered as one of the most attractive projects in the World Cup. It was originally built for the 2014 Olympics and paralympics. But later it was used only as an indoor array.

It is used as a Confederations Cup venue. After finishing the rules of FIFA, later it became a football stadium. This field is considered to be the property of the Russian government. So it can not be used as a club team venue.

Group matches: Portugal vs Spain, Belgium vs. Panama, Germany vs Sweden, Australia vs. Peru.

Knock Out Match: Last 16, Quarter Final.

Ekaterinburg Arena

City: Yekaterinburg

Capacity: 35,696

Status: Fully Ready

This is probably the most famous stadium in the World Cup. The stadium, formerly known as Yekaterinburg's central stadium, has been used in many different ways, but the World Cup has been revised. After the World Cup, the stadium will be used as FC Ural Yekaterinburg's home venue. At the moment, 35 thousand viewers can play together but later it will be reduced to 25 Hajans.

Group matches: Egypt vs Uruguay, France vs Peru, Japan vs Senegal, Mexico vs Sweden

Knock Out Match: No matches will be played.

Volgograd Arena

City: Volgograd

Capacity: 45,568

Status: Fully Ready

The specially designed stadium for the World Cup will be well known for one of the most specialized designs, the organizers' concept. After the tournament, FC will be used as a home venue for Rotoro Volgograd. It was built in 2014 at the old and abandoned central stadium of Rotoro.

The big, brand-new stadium's gorgeous Jafri design draws attention to everyone, but there will be no knock-out matches here. Because of the distance of thousands of kilometers south of Moscow, geographical distance may have been tied to getting the title of the match.

Group matches: Tunisia v England, Nigeria vs Iceland, Saudi Arabia v Egypt, Japan v Poland

Knock Out Match: No matches will be held.

Nizeni Novgorod Stadium

City: Nizni Novgorod

Capacity: 44,899

Status: Fully Ready

Another stadium located on the banks of the river. Nizni Novgorod Stadium is situated on the banks of the Volga and the Oca River. Staying in the enviroment environment near the Nevsky Cathedral of Alexandria, this stadium is also well-received because of the beauty of nature.

After the tournament, FC Olympiads will get the title of Novgorod Stadium. The club has been promoted to Russian second tier in the 2016-17 season. FC Volga Nizn has established itself as the city's top club after the completion of the Novosaurs. The grass of this stadium was planted in Scotland in August 2017 after successful testing in Scotland. It has been built at the latest practice grounds where all the facilities of training are available. After the World Cup, which will be opened for small children and local clubs.

Group matches: Sweden vs South Korea, Argentina vs Croatia, England vs. Panama, Switzerland vs Costa Rica

Knock Out Match: Last 16, Quarter Final.

Kaliningrad Stadium

City: Kaliningrad

Capacity: 35,222

Status: Preparation is almost done

Kaliningrad is one of the most beautiful cities among the host cities in the year 2018. It is not located in the Russian mainland, but in the colonies of Poland and Lithuania. A little earlier than Stokhom and Warsaw, its position is largely.

FC Baltica will be used as the new home venue for Kaliningrad after the World Cup. The club plays in the second tier. 35 thousand capacity will be brought down to 25 thousand after the World Cup. Ballotica and German team Shalak were supposed to be open for everyone in March, but the match was later abandoned due to excessive cold.

Group matches: Croatia vs Nigeria, Serbia vs Switzerland, Spain vs Morocco, England vs Belgium

Knock Out Match: No matches will be played

St. Petersburg Stadium

City: St. Petersburg

Capacity: 68,134

Status: Fully Ready

The idea that construction of Russian stadiums is very much in advance is not entirely accurate, compared to building the 2014 World Cup in Brazil. The main example of this is the new Stanley stadium in St. Petersburg

It is impossible to see the stadium, but it has taken nine years to complete its construction, due to which the budget has increased a lot. Finally, the preparatory work was completed in April and handed over to the organizers.

Group matches: Morocco vs Iran, Russia vs Egypt, Brazil vs Costa Rica, Nigeria vs Argentina

Knock Out Match: Last 16, Semifinals, Third Place Dateline Match

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