World Cup technology of 2018

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This year's Football World Cup will be wrapped in the technology. Players will also have special sensors that will monitor their physical condition. Photo: Collected from FIFA website

Diego Maradona was able to score goals with 'God's hand' because of 1986 football World Cup. What if it was possible now? It is to be said that technology has not only changed the experience of the World Cup, but sometimes the result of the match is changed. And the use of technology in the World Cup is increasing day by day. The most spectacular in the history of digital technology was the 2014 World Cup held in Brazil. About 28 million viewers watched the final match of the service online. Just mention the word 'World Cup' on Twitter in the world of 67 crore people. This year, the World Cup in Russia is trying to change those history. And with the help of technology The main work of technology in the field is to help referees decide. 'Video Assistant Referee' is being associated with the last Worldwide Goalline technology.

Third umpire of football

After the success of the Goalline technology in the last World Cup, Footballers have demanded more help from technology. Especially to help referees to make critical and complex decisions. And so FIFA in search of new technologies. After about two years of testing for several years, they decided to use the Video Assistant Referee (VAR) technology in March this year. VAR will help referee for the first time in Russia. The technology is much like the third umpire of cricket. A group of referees sit in front of the screen. They check the video footage and test the field referee. The original referee can rely on their point of view, if you want, you can also watch video footage. The decision that the referee will decide on the footage is final. In that case VAR can be used:

1)Roundline Technology

In the 2014 World Cup, Frenchman Karim Benzema took advantage of the first goalline technology. His goal against Honduras came out of the goal line for several milliseconds. Even if it is not caught in the normal camera, the message reaches the hand of the referee with the help of Goalline technology. Roundline technology works in two ways. Haq-i and Golfer. The circular is connected with Goolecraft technology. Electromagnetic values ​​change as the ball crosses the goalposts of the ballpost. Immediately tell the computer referee. And 14 high speed cameras always keep track of goals in Huawei technology. If the ball crossed the line, the signal in the referee's smart watch went away.

2)Coach will also have technology

Russia was quite stubborn about the use of technology in the World Cup. Recently, FIFA revealed something about it. One such technology is Electronic Performance and Tracking Systems (EPTS). The technology team will help the coach decide. This facility will be kept for the coaches of the two teams. Players and ball movements of two teams will be held through two cameras. The footage and the information will be sent directly through the EPTS technology to the two footage analyzers and physician groups. This information will be known to the team coach. They will use this information to make special or emergency decisions during the match.

3)Sensor monitoring players

During the game, the requirements of wearable devices were required to monitor the health and movement of players in EPTS technology. FIFA approves the use of devices rather than the first policy, although it does not support it. Special Fitness Tracker is made. Trackers should use the players on chest and back. The players have already started using these devices in the preparatory games for the tournament. Devices are able to keep the health and movement of real-time players.

4)Amazing in the field at home

To make room for the viewers of the room, every game of the World Cup will be streamed directly into Virtual Reality (VR) technology and will be previewed in the Fourteenth Division. Those who watch the game after the VR headset, they can also get the sound of the field. If you want to watch the game for the first time on TV, you have to have a fast Internet connection.

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