All about Russia and the Russians: what is your attitude to Putin?[EN-RU] Всё о России и русских: каково ваше отношение к Путину?

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It was this category of questions that became the leader in the comments to the English-speaking self-presentation of the project, and a similar question was asked in the comments to the French post @rusteem.

“Do you like Putin and why? I heard from anotherRussian,that the wages were good but the pension was bad.” @elizabethmurray

“What do Russians think of Putin?”@hanse

"Is it true that the Russians (the majority) worship Putin?"@zonguin

Именно этот вопрос стал лидером в комментариях к англоязычному самопредставлению проекта и аналогичный вопрос был задан в комментариях к французского посту @rusteem.

  • "Вам нравится путин и почему? Я слышал от другого россиянина, что заработная плата была хорошей, но пенсия была плохая".@elizabethmurray
  • "Что думают россияне о Путине?"@hanse
  • "Правда ли, что русские поклоняются (большинство) Путину?"@zonguin

In my opinion, this is the best question that can show that in Russia there is democracy, and Russians can freely express their attitude to both the leader and the domestic policy of their country. This test of honesty and the answers in the comments on behalf of the Russians will show you their current attitude.

На мой взгляд, это лучший вопрос, который может показать, что в России есть демократия, и россияне могут свободно высказывать своё отношение как к руководителю, так и к внутренней политике своей страны страны. Это тест на честность и ответы в комментариях от лица россиян покажут вам свой результат.

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I have deep respect for V. Putin. Tough as the Russian bear, smart as the Siberian Fox, and wise as the Owl. But I have a question for you: Are the Russian people aware that the US has once again started a major propaganda campaign against Russia in Syria? I think we Americans are being manipulated into believing Russia is evil so that we will support perhaps a war or at the very least a major American presence in Syria. And what will Russia do if we do that. Will they fight back?

A good question - worthy of the following posts @rusteem. In occasion of propaganda in the USA about "bad and terrible Russia" - study the management model "stationary bandit" (maybe she calls differently). The stationary bandit collects attention and money from those with whom he lives nearby, and pretends to protect everyone from another, much more dangerous bandit. The US government has been playing this game since the Second World War, the USSR also played during the Cold War. Understand correctly, it's not so important what we will do-what will you do with this? what are the consequences for you of the next military expenditures, the next casualties among the soldiers, the next expectations of something terrible?

You will probably see a lot of polar opposites in opinions here. I, personally, will try to express both of camps here.

V. Putin is the longest leader in authority in Russia recent history. It was long 18.5 years that he ruled the country. A long and different period of time with many choices between bad and worse and different task that he as a leader had to solve.

I wanna just made a short list of points of pro and contra.


  • In late 90s terrorists blow up houses in Moscow and other cities. In 2000s entire schools could be taken hostage. Ordinary people was afraid to sleep, afraid to let their kids go to school. Putin did stop that.
  • Major decisions on government level were taken in Logovaz club bu a counsil of oligarchs led by Boris Berezovskiy. Putin did stop this practice.
  • He did build a new model of large business and government relations ended up in more evenly distributed income from oil and natural resources.
  • In foreign policy he did draw red lines and show Russia's geopolitical rivals that they indeed don't want to step over them.


  • Putin was an acting officer in semi-military organization. His approach to administration is a strict top-down model without questioning of rules and orders, with no sign of system of checks and balances. You can run an army that way but not a country.
  • As years pass Putin's team started to consolidate great unquestioned power in their hands. And an absolute power corrupts absolutely so, firstly, they made a lot of efforts to enrich themselves using the government and secondly they decisions tend to become really bad.
  • (Re)Consolidation of government actives ended up in 60% or more of economy in hands of ineffective government or quasi-government monopolies. Their officials ended up to rule not govern abusing the power in order to enrich themselves, their friends and families.
  • This new elite is interested mostly in preserving status-quo where they have a nice privileged positions in society. They strictly oppress any attempts to reform the system bot political and economical as it endanger their personal lifestyle.
  • There is no rule of law. The only thing that matters in any clash is how close you are to the center of power and how close your opponent is.

I tried calmly analyse what is happened with my country under Putin's rule. Main point could be the following: V.Putin is a great crisis manager but really sucks at economics. He took the country in pretty bad shape and made it less insufferable but then he didn't manage to come up with any growth program. Economy he built is essentially Soviet Union 2.0 that one day will collapse under its own ineffectiveness with pretty bad consequences if remained unreformed. And any reforms will be stuck under current elite and its proponents risk severe oppression.

So, I let future history to judge Vladimir Putin. Russian history is full of controversal leaders: Ivan the Awe-Inspiring, Peter the Great and Joseph Stalin to name a few.

In during 90s, typical model of much criminals was so like: for to solve the trouble it is necessary to create it. After it necessary to offer protection. Profit.
We often evaluate our government leader as a scout, but difference between scout and spy only in the eyes of the beholder. A scout for one is a spy for other and on the contrary. Professional skills of both is identy.
And with this knowledges we can give different evaluate for Putin.
Having such an assessment, "Ryazan sugar" becomes realistic. And the book "FSB blows up Russia" is not so conspiracy and the author's death is understandable.

К сожалению, реальную эффективность действий глав государств, как правило, оценят только следующие поколения. А если смотреть глобально, то все мы живем на одной планете, и должно быть одно независимое правительство, лишенное напрочь закулисных игр, без бюрократии и прочих атрибутов современной власти. Если идешь в правительство - то у тебя должно быть две дороги. Первая - Честность, независимость и беспристрастность, и вторая - пожизненное заключение без права помилования.

Это противоречит "божьей воле" по христианской традиции, т.к. такое уже было до вавилонского инцидента :).

I hope to live to see the new Nuremberg for all his crimes

Я надеюсь доживу до нового Нюрнберга за все его преступления

"На мой взгляд, это лучший вопрос, который может показать, что в России есть демократия, и россияне могут свободно высказывать своё отношение как к руководителю, так и к внутренней политике своей страны страны. "

Вы живёте в какой-то другой России, где не сажают за репосты, не убивают оппозиционных журналистов и политиков, не устраивают войны. Я хочу в вашу Россию из реальной.

You live in some other Russia, where you do not put in prison for reposts in blogs, do not kill opposition journalists and politicians, do not do wars. I want to come to your fantasy Russia from the real one.

Russians respect Putin as a strong and effective leader. For a long time Russia did not have such strong leaders. But the Russians simply can not idolize and arrange a new cult of personality. Why not? I wrote about this recently my analysis -

"Вся земля наша велика и обильна, а порядка в ней лишь нет"
и продолжение до настоящего времени.

Просьба поменять местами русский и английский тексты. таковы правила тега #slovo
Или уберите тег во избежание флага.
Спасибо за понимание.

Очень уважаю нашего президента. И среди кандидатов на его место в настоящее время (на выборы 2018 года) достойных лично я не вижу. (Это мое субъективное мнение, и предположу, что многие считают по-другому)

Но вряд ли кто-то поклоняется Путину. В прямом значении этого слова)

I respect our President very much. And among the candidates for his place at the moment (for the elections of 2018) worthy personally, I do not see. (This is my subjective opinion and I guess many people think differently)

But hardly anyone worships Putin. In the truest sense of the word)

Смелее пользуйтесь онлайн-переводчиками - они сейчас достаточно точны ;) Перевёл ваш ответ:

Translation of the answer @notannov :

"I respect our president very much. And among the candidates for his seat at the present time (for the 2018 elections), I do not see worthy people personally. (This is my subjective opinion, and I think many people think differently)

But hardly anyone worships Putin. In the direct meaning of this word)"

Да я сама успела) Но спасибо!

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It is high time for him to retire. Only the species does that he is alone and all around are enemies.

This was not a good idea to ask this question here in an open source, where people who answering can be easily recognised by especial specialists of relevant departments which have appeared so much in recent years in RF. (

People in Russia have different attitudes toward Putin. This, like in any other country, refers to their rulers. Someone from Putin in admiration, who is neutral, and someone hates him.

In his first term as president, Putin did a great deal to improve people's lives. The standard of living of the population has grown significantly. But time goes by and already those decisions that used to work are not enough or they are not effective. In addition, Putin has attracted many people to management of the country, who are not good managers and honest people. From this discontent only grows.

Official statistics show that Putin's rating is still very high. But not official statistics suggest that Putin's rating has significantly dropped. But some people vote for it by inertia. Other people vote for him because they do not see the alternative. And still others vote for others, but their votes are officially not enough.

I personally voted for him in the first term of Putin's presidency. I did not go to the second election, because I doubted. In other elections, I vote against Putin, because I do not see that his promises and instructions to the government are being fulfilled.

I know of few countries where they are satisfied with their government. As a rule, people who do not want to come to power, and not those that are able to change the situation in the country for the people. Putin is no exception. I respect him for cunning and foreign policy, but nothing more.

Путин самый грамотный президент из всех президентов европейских стран.

back to Russia )))

В России любят не Путина, в России любят лидера. В России любят любого лидера.

In Russia they do not like Putin, they like the leader in Russia. In Russia they like any leader.

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