Safemoon Cash - A 100% rug proof project

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Everybody should go through intermediaries like banks under the Centralized System, which sets aside time and cash. Blockchain tackles this issue by making a decentralized and disseminated public record wherein financial transactions are recorded in complex PC code and anyone may get to their resources without going through a unified intermediary. Decentralized Finance or DeFi dispenses with the job of unified agents and permits everybody to make transactions by means of distributed (P2P) trades. DeFI takes advantage of Blockchain's potential by changing it's anything but an assortment of financial transactions that are at first basic yet can later be used for more mind boggling financial tasks.

Safemon Cash is a stand-out DeFi Ecosystem that imagines a community-driven financial system in the future.

About Safemoon Cash

Safemoon Cash is, to put it plainly, a rug-proof, ownership renounced, community-driven project on the Binance Smart Chain. Bitcoin Cash arrived at an ATH of 0.25 Bitcoin. Their first goal is for Safemoon Cash to reach 25% of Safemoon's pinnacle market capitalization. They are completely dedicated and determined to get this going, however their aspirations go a lot further. They accept they can – on schedule – be a commonly recognized name and a long-standing top 25 crypto project. Furthermore, they are destructive genuine: they accept their tokenomics are better than those of Safemoon, as is their community. Safemoon Cash is 100% community-driven. This is their solidarity and makes them stick out. They have an extraordinarily devoted community, who all carry a large number of abilities to the table.

How Safemoon Cash functions?

The center team (Strategy Team) comprises of tech devotees, visual fashioners, programming fan, and marketing experts who are altogether enthusiastic about cryptocurrency. Safemoon Cash will bring different use cases to the universe of crypto that will separate them from the masses. Safemoon Cash was covertness launched by individuals from the BSC community in April 2021 after Safemoon arrived at a market cap of more than four billion dollars. With its high exchange tax, it's the early holders of Safemoon that benefit most. Interestingly, Safemoon Cash gives holders passive rewards through static reflections. By marking Safemoon Cash in a pool, it raises its own capital, guaranteeing liquidity.

Token Information

Business Name: Safemoon Cash

Ticker: SMC

Token sort: BEP 20

Steadfast Stock: 100,000,000,000,000,000,000 SMC

Turning around supply:100,000,000,000,000 SMC

Safemoon cash Tokenomics

4% Transaction Tax: Every Safemoon Cash exchange causes a 4% tax to support all.

2% Distributed To Holders:2%, all things considered (purchases, sells, and moves) are dispersed to all holders. You increment your Safemoon Cash balance just by holding.

Ownership Renounced: The contract is renounced and Safemoon Cash is a project claimed by the community. The liquidity was likewise burned on launch, so there is no rug to pull.

2% Automatically To Liquidity:2% of every exchange is shipped off the (automated) liquidity pool to make a consistently rising price floor, which means further developed stability.

Procedure Team

Connor Leach, USA, Chief of Marketing.

N H, UK, Snr Strategist, and Marketer

Bolkonsky, THE NETHERLANDS, Strategy Lead

Marco, GERMANY, Strategist, and Marketer

Pablito, ITALY, Technical Wizard

Majid, CANADA, Business, and PR Consultant

Sascha, GERMANY, Strategist, and Marketer

Mohamed, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, Strategist and PR

Weedstocks, THE NETHERLANDS, Marketing Specialist

Decentralized Finance, or DeFi, is one of the global market's most encouraging creations, in light of Blockchain technology, with a major market size that has filled triple over the most recent couple of years and a developing client base. Sadly, this market is adhered because of an absence of advancement, accordingly Safemoon Cash furnishes the entirety of it's anything but a new DeFi system that jam ecosystem value through an exceptional protocol that ensures maximum straightforwardness. Doesn't it sound energizing and reliable? This will supply you with the entirety of the interesting sensations and solace that you look for

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