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RE: Sharing The Things I Like - Selling People on What I Believe In

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duckduckgo sends your search query over GET which isn't great for privacy. Also it runs on AWS. I'm fine with using google if duckduckgo is the only alternative. I used to be a big fan, but I just don't buy into it anymore.


For sure, DuckDuckGo isn't perfect. The big thing for me that I like to share with people is that they don't build a profile on you of your searches. Most other search and social media companies do.

Upvoted your comment and followed you. I'm especially interested that you mentioned "Linux Mentor" in your bio.

The thing is we will never know if they keep track of our profiles, atleast google is honest about it. It could be that they profile people , but just not openly. The NSA has a very very very very dirty history. Check the book:"The Puzzle Palace".
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