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Does it occur to anyone else that we are living a real time LARP?

As they lock down Los Angeles again for a "virus" that has a 99.997% recovery rate.......... Why are people going along with this bullshit. Did you see that? 99.997% recovery rate.
Translates to: Your chances of death is .003
Your more likely to die by a giraffe landing on you after being dropped from a helicopter~!

Why are there no bio-hazard collection containers for the discarded masks? Why are you less likely to catch it at Walmart than your neighborhood hardware store? BECAUSE IT'S ALL BS

Fear is an evil motivator. What are we afraid of? DEATH? Guess what,.......... You're going to die.
Wait, maybe not. That vaccine, the one that changes your DNA........ You won't get to die because you will live in the lake of fire forever.

Stop being stupid! We will lose everything, so many have lost their lives to preserve FREEDOM'