Don't Ask Why

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If you want a truthful, well thought out or intellectual answer for why you're noticing a second stupid post by me today, within a relatively short period of time here on Steemi, then, you're probably going to be vaguely disappointed.

'Vaguely', because the answer is bound to be vague :>) as usual.

Most of you guys know that I've been writing for many years with MUCH some success... long after doing it as a hobby or pass-time. You know this because, you've seen my stuff in print, all over creation under various aka's, ghost-names, nicknames or whatever the hell else they're called... THUS recognizing my style; which hasn't changed since I was six years of age.

Here's an Image I Borrowed from 'Above' that Pretty Much Looks Like the First Machine I Ever Used to Type my Thoughts Upon

That first typewriter belonged to my father, who at times would tap away at it when I was a kid, growing up on our family farm in the heart of New York City in the 1950's. We didn't have any land, so we had to keep our pigs and cows inside the apartment we rented. Besides... the City had an ordinance against raising farm animals within City limits. We needed to keep a low profile anyway.

As a writer, addicted to the written word, it's difficult (hard) to stay away from a keyboard or any other method of laying down strings of thoughts which can be read by unsuspecting victims who stumble across such gibberish. It's very similar to those who are addicted to jabbering all day long - you know... the ones who think, that you think, what they say, is of great interest and importance.

If 'I' had as big of a mouth as most social media freaks have these days, then I probably would be one of those dumb asses... but, I'm NOT... I'm a different kind of dumbass.


Even if any of you didn't know some of the stuff about me I've written above in the most diligent and truthful manner, you're fortunate enough now to have that knowledge under your belt for future, personal benefit. I hope it serves you well.

I also hope that this short autobiography has brought profound excitement, hope and joy to your life, on a day in which you otherwise might have been planning an act of destruction.

PEACE OUT YO...!!! Stay well and try to smile, even though the world has gone to shite.


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Thanks @acom... Much appreciated :>)