Just Popping in To...???

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You don't have to waste time reading this whole post (even though it's a short one) because nothing I say here is important to you... people in general, nor
any living creature, plant or otherwise - inter-galactically...!!!

Just skip over the text and leave an up-vote to help support me in my quest to live the most enriched life possible during the sunset of my existance upon the planet Earth...

Oh... Yeah... and to help feed my cat and our stray cat visiting friends. Maybe to help fund a new cat Sanctuary somewhere that I find cheap land, in an area where there are little, to no stupid restrictions preventing such things.

I have no plan to paper yet, it's only a thought in my head that keeps popping back up; so, why would this vision keep re-appearing if it is not meant to be?

Even if I can't do it on my own, I'm sure I can find others interested enough to at least help out; then I can place it all in their hands...😏 and get back to my retirement.

If none of this works out, I'll use the money to fund my trip out of the country to S.E. Asia and maybe settle down there, until I croak...???

Till then, my friends... I bid thee adieu. Well not "till then"... I bid ye adieu till next time I pop up within these pages of my blog.

Aren't YOU the lucky one...?!?!?!?

Stay healthy... or... Get that way...😎


Another Fine Mess from


on Steemit - April 16, 2021

Nice work! You just got yourself a $6.60 upvote. Enjoy! Check us out at acom.uno or swing by for a chat at ACOM Discord

Thanks again for your encouragement and support @acom...

Now, this is one of the most honest and sensible post that I have read - dare I say, on this platform!? 😂 And for that, you have all of my two cents for support.