Drugs are a better option than trusting authority! ...It's settled science!

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A recent in study has found that authoritarian lovers are five times less likely to take illicit substances, than non authoritarians. (and something that I've observed personally, many times).
They've also been shown to happily accept, and wallow, any toxic substance known to man - but only if someone wearing a white coat tells them to.

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The reasons behind this are not entirely clear, but a consensus of scientists believe that fear is the main motivations for there reticence.

It's already well known in psychology that authoritarians are simply children who have yet to grow up - and still want a parent figure (bless).
...And it seems that he fear of 'being naughty' (getting caught by the police) sends shivers down a spine that they wished they possessed.

Due to the control freakishness that is endemic in the authoritarian lovers mindset , scientists have come to the conclusion that mind altering substances (and thus the potential of not being able to stay in control), causes a rabid fear , deep within the authoritarian psyche.

Scientists (in white coats) call this condition SSS, or spineless shitting syndrome.

See below for the proof....

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