2 Sen Finance _ Part 2 : The Reason Why need to do Investment.

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The Reason Why need to do Investment.

The content below will shows the importance of financial literacy at early stage and the lesson from the news below will always be applicable to us forever.


" Saved1,200 CNY 44 years ago in a local bank saving account, 44 years later, it only grow to 2,684.04 CNY"-according to the news report dated 21 September 2017.

The total growth for entire 44 years is about 140%, but divided by 44 years , a year only increase by 3.18%.

In other word, 44 years ago, the 1,200 CNY could bought a house. 44 years later, the value only able to buy a bed.


Assuming Malaysia inflation rate at 3% annually, the 1,200 purchasing power is devalued almost 100% each year. Ended up the figure / number is growing, but the value is worth less.

Therefore, we should select a correct investment method to protect our wealth and grow our saving.

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