30.09 New Bets from Ragnar94 !!! Yesterday We won EVERYTHING !!! :) that I call big profit

in #sbc3 years ago (edited)

Unfortunately I received a small amount of upvotes and I don't know how many people won with me

For Today I will give You this BETS I hope it will give us next big profit :)

Lillestrom Sk - Stabaek IF - BET BTS ODDS 1.6

Sassuolo - Milan - BET 1 ODDS 3.45

Levante - Deportivo Alaves - BET 2 ODDS 3.2

Floro - Viking FK- BET 2 ODDS 1.82

Lask Linz - Sturm Graz - BET 1 ODDS 1.8

Volleyball Last matches World CUP

Serbia ; USA - BET 2 ODDS 1.6

Brazil : Poland - BET 1 ODDS 1.6

( but here I belive in my national team :P I will take some risk and I will BET on POLAND ODDS 2.3 )


Upvoting is still broken thanks to the HF20.

I have you on my auto-vote list, but this thing has fucked it up. The votes are not going out.

BTW, great job yesterday!

Thanks :) Yes They still have not repaired/ modernized Steemit :/

As a follower of @followforupvotes this post has been randomly selected and upvoted! Enjoy your upvote and have a great day!

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