Molali - La Liga Matchday 19 Results

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All games of this matchday are over and it's time to recap: 4 / 12 bets won, Profit = 0.98 Units / ROI 4.08%.


Another week with some profit from the Molali. It's not huge, but profit is profit. I would be really satisfied to have a ROI of 4% on the longterm, so I guess this was a successful weekend.

This week the percentage of won bets was 33%. I was not as lucky as other weeks with the real high odds (e.g. if Eibar had beaten Barca the odds were 15.25), but at least I won 2 bets at 4.11 / 4.24. It looks like the Molalis performance in the longterm will strongly depend on winning bets with odds around 4, as the overall percentage of won bets is now 27% after 59 bets.



Bet overview

As usual an overview of all bets of this week. I think this sort of transparency is important to build some trust.

DateGame -- BetStakeOddsResultBookie
13.01.2019Atletico Madrid - Levante -- Draw26.03lostPinnacle
13.01.2019Atletico Madrid - Levante -- Levante215.25lostPinnacle
13.01.2019Barcelona - Eibar -- Draw210.00lostPinnacle
13.01.2019Barcelona - Eibar -- Eibar219.24lostbet365
13.01.2019Betis Sevilla - Real Madrid -- R. Madrid22.12wonPinnacle
14.01.2019R. Sociedad - Espanyol -- Espanyol24.41lostPinnacle
12.01.2019Villareal - Getafe -- Getafe24.24wonPinnacle
12.01.2019Girona - Alaves -- Alaves23.54lostPinnacle
11.01.2019Rayo Vallecano - Celta Vigo -- Celta22.88lostPinnacle
12.01.2019Leganes - Huesca-- Leganes22.02wonPinnacle
12.01.2019Valencia - Valladolid -- Draw24.11wonPinnacle
12.01.2019Valencia - Valladolid-- Draw27.40lostPinnacle

Molali overall performance

Looking at the stats of the Molali made me realize how important it is to properly keep tracks of the bets. Because I only won 27% of my bets, I always have this feeling that I am losing money and should change something or are taking too much risk. Only with my stats I can calm down as I see I am making profit so far.


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