Celebrating Grace

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James 4:6; But he giveth more grace. Wherefore he saith, God resisteth the proud, but giveth grace unto the humble.


In literature we mostly classify everything into female and male natures. We realise that the female is alluring, the female likes attention and the female thrive on praises rather that challenge as in the case of men. This is similar to grace, I would say grace is a lady in nature the same way countries are mostly said to be feminine. Why is this so, because Grace thrives when you realise her presence, when you acknowledge her beauty, her achievements, the things she helps you accomplish she feels swollen headed and continue to put herself out there to do if far greater things.


Most Christians pray for Grace and favor all times but fails to acknowledge them once they have received. They end up attributing it to their hard-works and efforts, this causes Grace to retreat until gradually it is lost. So we have to Celebrate Grace, We have to acknowledge Grace that it may thrive and that we will continue to experience it. So today i admonish each and every parishioner to be grateful for the Grace that the lord has shown us that we would continue to experience more blessings.



Well said, that's the reason why Grace is a beautiful girl's name in some English-speaking countries. :)