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Bienvenido a Heartchurch. Heart church is a Christian Blockchain Community on a mission to spread love, faith and kindness to every man. As such welcome once again. If you are reading this blog from Hive, quickly subscribe to the hive community and begin your journey with us. To find more about, Heartchurch, I will recommend my previous article to you HEARTCHURCH - A HOME FOR CHRISTIANS ON THE BLOCKCHAIN.

Heartchurch Landing Page.png

This blog is to introduce you to how to sign up for a telos account with the .jc suffix which will entitle you to receive blessings through the beatitude heart tokens. Relax and sit down as i take you through 5 easy steps to sign up for a telos account.

  1. Navigate to the heartchurch landing page via heart-church.org and click on register. Nb: By default, the landing page is in Spanish. You can toggle between English and Spanish through and ES button at the upper right corner of the page.
  2. You will need to fill in:
    a. A valid Email Address
    b. An elias such as your username on steem or hive or any online nick name
    c. Your First and Last Name.
    d. Year Of Birth
    e. Sex
    f. Location as in country
    g. Your steem username beginning with the @ symbol
    h. You need to enter your telos account if you own one already then tick Jesus for the part
    who do you love.

Registration Link.png

  1. At the HeatChurch Expansion Area, Complet the Form with ;
    a. Your Desired Telos Name. It can be Alphanumeric from A-Z, And 1-5. No special Characters allowed.
    b. Fill in a Senior Contact. I chose @Darlenys
    c. You can enter tj4real.jc as your referral
    d. Complete the Human Verification and you will be done with this process.
    Telos Expansion.png
  1. You will receive an email to confirm your account.

  2. Confirm it and wait for a second email. A second email will be sent to you which will include your telos account details. You public key and your private key. Your private key is what will be used to login to your telos account.

My next tutorial will be how to Download and Login to your Telos account using SQRL. Beloved in Christ, Peace be unto you.

For more information, Contact Us through:


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