Scam me once, shame on you, scam me twice, I can't get scammed again

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Introducing EZTanks, the totally not a ripoff of the formerly known Ponzi Scheme "Ethertanks". This "Dapp" currently has no models, no market for trading of tanks, no working game or pretty much any product at all. However they are still here to take your money and payouts are provided by how many people purchase after you. Purchasing a tank will net you the portion listed as "Profit" everytime someone purchases that exact same tank after you.

Have a gander folks.

This crew is already advertising their finished "product" on reddit and other sites even though they have nothing. It's vaprorware just as the original ethertanks was.

To give you some history, the ethertanks website was launched just after christmas with the idea that you could purchase tank A, and you would receive a payout from everyone who purchased tank A after you. This was to encourage "early adopters" and to give them a reward for getting in early and supporting the team. The team setup a telegram, and promised a market release on the 7th of january, and full battles on the 14th of january. Neither came to fruition as the team made promise after promise about future development while doing nothing except releasing more tanks for purchase. Which unfortunate and naive souls purchased at a price of up to 1 ethereum coin each. There was some difficulty buying tanks for awhile and the development crew suspended purchases and payouts for about 12 hours while they adjusted to handle the additional user load. During this suspension they made a "good faith" payment to it's users that accurately reflected how much you had in your account on the site. Gr8 b8 m8, I r8 8/8. This worked. Hapless souls continued to pour money into the site to the tune of 250,000 USD. Transactions dwarfed that of Cryptokitties. The russian team involved here (website is registered in russia and chrome offers to translate to english from russian) fleeced the fuck out of anyone silly enough to buy in. After failing to meet the deadline for the 7th and 14th, the ethertanks team then released "etherships" and added them to the site now known as "etherarmy". There was a separate website setup as "etherracers" with the exact same concept except with car models. Then came "etherwaifu"...You can imagine where that went. None of the models were produced by the team and were bought from another website. No actual effort was put in other than setting up the initial contract. I wouldn't be surprised if the website was a cut and paste operation as well based on the exact clone setup for etherracers and etherwaifu.

Beware. Russian hijinks afoot.

If anyone approaches you talking about eztanks,


Hello. Thank you for your post which is very helpful for the community.

I am the developer of Etherwaifu ( ) which was recently launched. I believe what you referred on your post is Etherwaifus (with s). They infringe copyright and is a scam, while we use our original characters and has a crafting system.

Our artist has been drawing for 10 years, please take a look at our website. Could you please be so kind as to edit your post and clarify that Etherwaifus the scam is not Etherwaifu? Thank you very much!