Beware of scammers pretending to be me (followers, please reSteem this post)

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This was brought to my attention by @kamilkowalski:

This person I can confirm is not me. Anyone who is asking you to send money, or do anything which may be considered legally questionable, is not me. Do not send any money (sbd, btc) to anyone who claims to be @dana-edwards for any reason because it's not something I would do. If it does not come from my Steemit account, then it's probably not from me unless you can see evidence from multiple accounts known to be controlled by me (Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, etc). This is not only happening to me, as I am in good company. Vitalik Buterin has been impersonated as well. There is even the possibility that these may be impersonator bots.

Something you have, something you know, someone you are

Identify verification online is a bit of a challenge. Ultimately if you have something others don't have, know something others don't know, or are someone others aren't, then you can verify yourself. In the example above the scammer pretending to be me did not have the private key to use my Steemit account and this is how they were found out. In this case it's something I know (the private key) which protects my identity from these scammers. In addition, I have passwords to multiple accounts, and smart phones, which means something I know and something I have for additional security as needed.

On the Internet anyone can try to impersonate anyone else. Some people will copy my posts on Steemit and post from their account to try to make a buck. Others will try to scam people under fake accounts to try to make a buck. Be careful.


It's good that you wrote about it.
I wish you all successes,

best regards from Poland :)

...this is very cheap...they are downing the reputation of other person also,,,

This must be shared so that no one can misuse your name.

I bet it's because I called Bitconnect an exit scam that now some people associated with it want to make me pay for it.

Scamming, lies, and impersonation is really really bad business. Please don't do that.

Oh thank you for informing us... there is alot of Scammers in every platform... Its good to aware us.. @Dana-edwards

Gosh, it sucks when scammers try to pretend to be someone else. Hopefully this won't happen again to you! I'm resteeming this post to bring the awareness about this :)

Obvious scam is obvious. Thankfully they weren't too clever going about it.

@dana-edwards Holy moly! I feel for you! I would be extremely angry if I were you!

Can't some people just get a life?

Jealousy. There are always haters in the world wanting to bring down anyone who is trying to be successful. They who are doing the scam do not seem to be focused on the money because why are they asking for such trivial amounts in SBD? Also where are they asking the SBD to be sent to and why?

It could be a way to try to damage my reputation but it would not be the first attempt to do that. In any case, it's not me and my readers need to know that. I am not likely to ever ask random people to send SBD to my account when I can simply post and earn upvotes.

The popularity and income generation of Steemit will bring more of these people. Spamming and Scamming will only increase, but your comment here about earning is easy enough that you need not ask should be the Steemit Mantra. Do not trust those begging funds.

God bless you for letting us know
I am a newbie

Thanks for letting us know.

I never stop surprising how mean some people are, I resteemed.

Resteemed. Good catch

Thanks for informing us about scamars. It's good that you wrote about it.
I wish you all successes. @dana-edwards

How can they take someone account like that, instead of working hard to gain reputation and have that possession they wanted, thank you so much for this wonderful information @dana-edwards😌

It is the mission of certain people to try and damage my reputation. I'm accustomed to this stuff.

Thanks for the Info!

wow, there are people who simply do not respect and try to lie to people to steal, thanks for informing us

I never thought that someone would stoop this low!
Thanks for informing!

I have seen this several times on steemit chat. People pretending to be others to scam innocent users.

Steemit chat shouodmfind a way to connect with the steem blockchain using steemconnect. This would be safer for everyone

Document the trend and the wisdom of the crowd can take over.

Fuck man really why this kind of people are trying to make such a lovely steem community bad .I love steem because here you are not discriminated on colour caste .Everyone are equal and everbody do equal hardwork to achieve reputation
....Thanks for making us reliaze @dana-edwards

I think for those who try to copy another blogger's work, they should be automatically denied access into this platform again. Those pice of shits.....

so informative.... i have faced this problem many time..... i can't but resteem this post

Thank you for info...
Greetings from Corfu :)

of course. If we encounter such a situation, I will inform you. @dana-edwards

"Imitations are copies of the truth; they fall in the shadows of reality and remain in the shadows, they can not go out to daylight."
Oscar Wilde

very good post, I really like your post.

Hey, when you are goood, you are good and people wanna be you. LOL. Just wish they would go make their own $$ instead of trying to steal others. They probably put more work and effort in their scams whereas they could probably make it quicker with less effort creating and earning honestly. Go figure.

I agree that this scammer was not interested in money, otherwise he would not ask for such a tiny amount, somebody really intends to damage your reputation, it seems this person can`t get over the fact that somebody is more successful than he.

Thanks for aware us 👍

Sorry to hear about this. I assume that if we just stick to your posts HERE on SteemFollower then we can be assured that the info we get from "you" is legit. Hope you can sort this out, and please update us on the progress in solving this issue so that if it happens to any of us in the future we will be more prepared to nip it in the bud. Thanks.

Always distinguished and at the top, my brother. I hope you will see the publications and I hope you like it

Scammers are a plague.

And this is where the world gets too . It’s so sad people try to take others identity, money , etc. how can they even sleep at night ?

This happens all the time online. Scammers took @yuliana 's image and impersonated her in a similar way. The only thing I can say is when it happens immediately alert your followers that you're targeted by identity thieves and warn people. This is now on the blockchain permanently that upon hearing that people were being scammed in my name that I warned my followers.

Followers can help out by resteeming or if they choose, create a blog post of their own which I can upvote on this topic so awareness of the scam can be raised. It's beyond just me, because who wants to be the next person targeted by this sort of scam?

What the bastard...