Thank you Lord for resurrects me last night!

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Hello Community Good morning in your dignities lay me say that thank you for the prayers you have send to me last night.
Last night I had a dangerous scared dream about losing my life!
The Scared dream is so tough and I will never forget about this dream. The dream is like am losing my life when am seeing ehee!!
What happened I start experiencing that someone is putting his or her hand palm hand on both mouth and noise at the sometime!
So I tried to fight with the person who is trying to take my life but the person was serous want to take my life.
So after the person did not stop there they bring a panga and started slaughtering from the legs part coming to the middle part but at the moment he or she reach on the head part now I come back in my normal way.
So I would like to you community to give out your ideas and advices about this scared dream!!
Thank you
God bless you all.