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Ling Shui Village is located in the western part of Beijing's Mentougou District Zaitang Town, in fact, whether Zaitang Town, or Ling Shui Village, are placed with stories, Ling Shui Village was formed in the Liao and Jin dynasties, not only the village is ancient and huge, ancient dwellings, and the past folk believe in all the gods, of course, this is not the reason why Ling Shui Village is famous. Since the Ming and Qing dynasty imperial examinations system prevailed, the village of Ling Shui to obtain the merit of the people have been numerous, there have been Liu Mao Heng, Liu Zengguang and many other candidates appear, in the Ming and Qing dynasty imperial examinations system, this small village has 22 candidates, 2 jinshi, in the early years of the Republic of China and 6 people graduated from Beijing Yanjing University, so a closed village in the mountains, but the cultural heritage is so deep, it is really impressive.
But Ling Shui Village has become famous in recent years, thanks to the 2013 Hunan TV parent-child program "Daddy Goes Where", if you still remember, the first stop was filmed in this Ling Shui Village.
In winter, Beijing is a bit depressed and there are not many tourists, and the village of Lingshui Lifting presents the original appearance of a remote village in the north.
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Since ancient times, there have been eight scenic spots in the village, such as the Stone Man on the East Ridge, the Lotus Flower on the West Mountain, the North Hall and the North View, the Jade Cypress on the North Mountain, the Gingko on the Spirit Spring, the Scholar's Residence and the Temple Ruins.
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The sculpture of the Golden Rank at the entrance of the village is the most prominent symbol of this northern tourist village.
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Wearing a big red flower and riding on a high horse to return home is probably the greatest glory of the ancients, to honour their ancestors and be happy.
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All this came from studying hard, and although we often bash the imperial examination system, we have to admit that it was still quite fair and played a huge role in history, and was pretty much the only way for ancient scholars to move from the bottom to the top.
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There are only about 200 families in Lingshui village, but just under the imperial examination system of Ming and Qing dynasties, 22 scholars and 2 jinshi have been produced, which is quite a high rate for such a remote mountainous village.
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As the saying goes, many famous Chinese historical and cultural villages are known far and wide because of their talented people, and it is also because of their talented people that the villages have left many glorious buildings.
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In fact, the success of these villages has nothing to do with feng shui, the main reason is to respect teachers, inspire each other, and the power of example.
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But no matter how brilliant the once bookish villages were, they are now gradually declining. Even the best of the millions of villages in China, the Famous Chinese Historical and Cultural Villages, are still being abandoned by the tide of urbanization, just like all the villages in the country.
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The serious imbalance between urban and rural teachers and the over-concentration of resources in big cities also means that there will never be any "scholar villages" or "Hanlin villages" again, and it will be increasingly difficult for even small towns to produce talent, which will only be concentrated in big cities where the starting line is much higher than in the countryside.
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This is a somewhat heavy and unavoidable reality, the village of the former scholar is now not to say that there are no more famous university students, there are not even a few young people, this building looks like a school, it seems to have been abandoned long ago.
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Lingshui Village is actually a very typical ancient village in northern China, with a very northern style, lanes and alleys, and a lot of old houses.
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Due to the talent, the village has also produced some historical celebrities, such as Liu Maoheng, the governor of Fenzhou in Shanxi Province during the Ming Chongzhen period, who was one of the celebrities in Lingshui, and he won the Wanping County Scholarship at the age of 13, and then the Scholarship three years later.
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However, Liu Maoheng's official residence has become a dangerous house, and no one is interested in it, but the house where Dad went is more attractive to tourists.
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There are still a lot of old houses in the village, but there are not many occupants anymore.
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If there are only some old houses, it is not interesting, the essence of Ling Shui Village is actually in the ancient temple group behind the village.
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It is said that there are "twenty-four lifers, thirty-six mills and seventy-two wells" in Lingshui Village, the number is not necessarily accurate, but it just means that Lingshui Village has many people and monuments.
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In the past, there were 17 temples in Lingshui Village, including 2 Buddhist temples, namely Lingquan Zen Temple and Baiyi Guanyin Bodhisattva Temple; 2 Confucian temples, namely Wenchangge and Kui Xing Lou; and the remaining 13 Taoist and folk belief temples, namely Nanhai Fire Dragon King Temple, Tianxian Shengmu Temple, Yuhuang Temple, Tianwang Temple, Xuandi Temple, Guandi Temple, Wudo Temple, Erlang Temple, Ma Wang Temple, Mountain God Temple, Ox-King Temple, Three Saints Temple and Land Temple.
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Nowadays, only three temples remain, namely Lingquan Zen Temple, Nanhai Fire Dragon King Temple and Tianxian Shengmu Temple, and the stage of Dragon King Temple and Park Hold Yu are also the cultural relics protection units of Mentougou District.
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This Beijing suburbs of the mountains inside but there is a South Sea Fire Dragon King Temple, think about what is the reason.
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In the courtyard, there are two-thousand-year-old cypresses with a diameter of two to three meters, and one ancient cypress of the Golden Age has a 20 cm diameter mulberry tree in the middle of the hole in the trunk. Another Golden Age cypress in the lower fork of the thick trunk, parasitic elm trees up to 70 cm in diameter. People call it "cypress holding mulberry" and "cypress holding elm", which is one of the "eight scenes of Ling Shui" and two of the "ancient cypress wonders" in Beijing. It is also one of the two wonders in Beijing's "Ancient Cypress Wonders".
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Ling Shui Village is not big, so it doesn't take long to walk around slowly. There is accommodation in the village, so you can contact me in advance and then stroll around the village before eating.
Ancient villages are the most reflective of the local customs because in ancient times, the traffic and information is closed, the village is very complete to reflect the local characteristics, so if you have the opportunity to enter more ancient villages, in fact, is to enter the local history, tracing the traces of the past, most of these ancient villages are now empty, there was once proud of the glory. But villages are dying fast, even if only a few decades ago, Chinese people basically live in the countryside, just two generations, the tide of urbanization has swept the north and south of the river, more and more villages are disappearing. So seize the time and go see the ancient villages that carry the history and pride of China.

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